Student Testimonials
"Yoga brings me closer to my own heart and your teachings brought me deeper still. I want to thank you for your Presence. Thank you for embodying the teachings. For sharing from your own personal experiences and life. Thank you for not only teaching me how to be a more effective teacher, but also a more effective human being."
"Profound - courage - privilege...these three words we speak of every day in the training, Never have I had such direct experience with these terms! The teachings penetrated my soul."
"The trainings with Bhavani transformed my 20 year practice and changed my life!"
"You gave me an opportunity to find the path on my own. You lit the way so I could
rediscover something within me that was lost."
"Training with Bhavani was a gift. Her great knowledge is passed on with a voice that allows you to relate to the teachings with understanding of philosophy, yogic fundamentals and passion. Learning how to dive into your truest self you are welcomed into a family. The intelligence given in the asana classes demonstrated a building of sequencing and variations on poses teaching you how to make yoga available for every body. I am grateful for this knowledge that I have been gifted to pass along to now my students. Bhavani creates a graspable program on philosophy. Giving in depth knowledge on sutra and culture. Whether you want to teach or dive deeper into your personal practice, she will open you up and welcome you into a family that will always be with you."
"I am not the same person I was six weeks ago!"
"Wow! The program built every day and really pushed me to build stamina and
increase my knowledge of asana, as well as myself."
"Your training has made a profound impression in my soul.
Thank you sounds so small compared to the gratitude I feel in my heart!"
"Bhavani's teachings of the Yoga Sūtra have profoundly impacted my life and supported me through a time of great transition.  I’ve had the great opportunity to study her advanced teaching with her both in person in Kauai, in workshops in Bend and Portland, OR, and continue to work with her weekly in her online mentorship program.  Deepening my understanding of the Sūtra has absolutely been a form of therapy for me, as it gives me insight into my habits and patterned behavior and shows me what I can modify and what needs to be released.
The healing that has happened with Bhavani as a guide has been the greatest gift to me!"

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