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Yin / Relax: Hip Openers, A Key to Freedom

35 min

Restorative postures teach us the art of letting go of long held tensions and the embodiment of tranquility. Unlocking the pelvis liberates the stem of the spine, the flower of the brain and ultimately the nectar of clear consciousness.

Fearless Love: Backbending into Freedom

40 min

Patanjali advises us to go forth on the yogic path with the two wings of freedom, abhyasa and vairagya, effort and release. We will explore how to create traction and release in a clear and systematic approach that is compression-free.

Uddiyana Bhanda: Abdominals & the Enteric Brain

45 min

Core work practiced with intelligence creates strength through length. Within each of us, is a second brain located at the navel center that produces over 90% of our serotonin. An integration of Patanjali’s metaphysical teachings along with functional anatomy to explore movement from one’s deep center. 

Detailed technique workshop. 

Suryanamaskara C: Moving Meditation

65 min

Standing and balancing postures linked with Vinyasa cultivate a stable foundation to get grounded and tap into our inner wellspring of joy. The unpredictability of Surya Namaskara C keeps the experience fun, and helps us connect to a feeling of lightness in our heart's center.

Mulabhanda: Checking The Downward Pull

30 min 

 Standing postures actively develop strength and suppleness of the legs, as well as stability in consciousness. Abhyasa, or practice, literally means to “check the downward pull”. An integration of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, functional anatomy and asana offer pragmatic development of Yoga as the art and science of self-actualization through embodiment.

Clearing the Heart and Unloading the Shoulders

50 min

A somatic investigation of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra’s teachings on living life from the inside out in order to find sufficient inner freedom to enjoy and experience life to its fullest. This sequence will explore shoulder openers such as inversions and arm balances to integrate the least stable joint of the body and access the seat of wisdom in our heart’s center.

Amrita: The Nectar of Inversions

35 min


Sarvangasana and Sirsasana are known as the royal postures in that they offer the most profound physical and physiological benefits to the master glands of the endocrine system. A detailed and methodical investigation of how to approach these postures to access the nectar of Amrita, to reverse the aging process and awaken higher brain centers of intution.

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