If Yoga is the resolution of self-limiting thoughts,

emotions & tendencies, then self-awareness is

The Key To Getting Free.


Required Teacher Training and Anatomy & Physiology Course Materials:

Students are responsible to purchase and bring a copy of the book: ”Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel

Student Testimonials
"Profound - courage - privilege...these three words we speak of every day in the training, Never have I had such direct experience with these terms! The teachings penetrated my soul."
"The trainings with Bhavani transformed my 20 year practice and changed my life!"
"I am not the same person I was six weeks ago!"
"Wow! The program built every day and really pushed me to build stamina and
increase my knowledge of asana, as well as myself."
"Can't wait to keep going!"
"Your training has made a profound impression in my soul.
Thank you sounds so small compared to the gratitude I feel in my heart!"
Teacher Training Application & Registration:
2)  The balance is due by the first day of the training.

3)  Save $50 if prepaid 3 months in advance when registering for 2 courses in 1 calendar year save $100 when     registering 3 courses in 1 calendar year

4) Include a letter describing: 
      a)  How long have you been practicing Yoga?

      b)  Who are your main teachers?

      c)  How long have you studied with them?         

      d)  A recommendation, preferably from a Yoga teacher.

      e)  What tradition of Yoga do you practice?   

      f)   Are you currently on any medications?  
      g)  Describe any physical or psychological conditions.
      h)  Your contact information

      i) What are you particular reasons to study with Bhavani?