Study the Yoga Sutra
with Bhavani

While the techniques of Yoga are well expounded upon in the West, little guidance has been offered to integrate these practices with our emotions and psychology.


Traditionally, the Patañjali Yoga Sūtra is recognized as the definitive guide, offering perennial wisdom in navigating life’s challenges through the cultivation of viveka khyāti, discriminating wisdom. The Sūtra are the original DNA strands of yogik science, and provide us with an exposé of human nature and psychology. Empowering us to skillfully navigate the labyrinth of habitual patterns and unconscious tendencies, we follow their lead into the heart of self-realization revealing that deep, personal inquiry is both the means and the experience,
of embodying our true spiritual awakening. 

Discover the teacher to pull the teachings out of you…

online sutra mentorship

Weekly live classes held via Zoom with Bhavani teaching one Sutra per week. Learn to chant, translations, and the ancient wisdom connected to modern life. Lecture style with group chanting and time for questions and discussion.

Sutra Video Downloads

Pre-recorded lectures of Bhavani teaching the Yoga Sutra. Pick and choose which Sutra you want to learn and when.

Sutra Audio Downloads

Audio recordings of Bhavani weaving story and translations of the different Sutra during her teacher trainings.

The Yogi's roadmap book

The essential reading material to accompany you on your studies of the

Yoga Sutra.  

Where To Begin?

Whether you've been practicing yoga for years, but stayed focused on the physical part of the practice,
or are merely curious about yoga philosophy, these teachings are suitable and beneficial for all levels. 

Let's first determine your level of interest:

You have a growing interest....

if you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the key themes of the technology of Yoga, the course of

13 Audio Downloads are for you. Enjoy a single class or the entire course of live recordings from Bhavani’s teacher trainings. This comprehensive course offers foundation in approximately 20 Sutra, their fundamental concepts and terminology specific to the yogic technology of consciousness. Gain clarity in how Yoga works to enjoy maximized benefit from your Yoga practice both on and off the mat.


If you are deeply interested.... 

Ready to take a deep dive? Then the Online Sutra Mentorship is for you! Each 1 hour class is devoted to unpacking a single sutra. Explore Patanjali’s perennial wisdom through classical insights as well as practical insights for daily life. Along with each video you will receive a Soundbite to support you in chanting and a Pdf study sheet with points of self-inquiry to inspire your process of self-discovery and wisdom.

If you were born for this.... 

If you feel like the Sutra speak to your soul and you want a guide to turn to each day, then in addition to enrolling in the audio and video teachings, be sure to grab a copy of The Yogi's Roadmap: Patanjali Yoga Sutra As a Journey to Self Realization by Bhavani Maki This is a book for everyday reading and implementation of the Yoga Sutra in modern day life.  

"Bhavani's teachings of the Yoga Sūtra have profoundly impacted my life and supported me through a time of great transition.  I’ve had the great opportunity to study her advanced teaching with her both in person in Kauai, in workshops in Bend and Portland, OR, and continue to work with her weekly in her online mentorship program.  Deepening my understanding of the Sūtra has absolutely been a form of therapy for me, as it gives me insight into my habits and patterned behavior and shows me what I can modify and what needs to be released. The healing that has happened with Bhavani as a guide has been the greatest gift to me!" - Simone L., Portland, OR

"It would be hard to overstate the lifeline that the yoga sutra mentorship has been for me during the past year and a half. What a source of fellowship, enlightenment and what a powerful underpinning for a physical yoga practice. I’m not really sure how I got by before, without the sutras reverberating in me and more-or-less on the tip of my tongue. I find myself saying “There’s a sutra for that!”  with the same happy incredulity that people use for “There’s an app for that!”  The bottom line is that the sutras are useful and life-giving. I deeply appreciate Bhavani's opening them up to us with so much heart, humor and insight." - Andrea D., San Francisco, CA