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2021 Schedule
Virtual Workshop 

Prana & Bhanda Practices to Revitalize Your Soul

July 30 - August 1st

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...

investment: $220

Early bird before May 21: $195

Bundle with Yama/Niyama series: $350 (save $75)
Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Authentic Yogik practices are designed to locate and release blockages in the body, heart and mind. If we feel restless it is an indication that there is more Prana surrounding us than we embody. The result is that we feel unsteady, stuck, restricted or lack-luster.

Join Bhavani in a weekend celebration of Yogik practices and key insights to revitalize, and harmonize your personal energy field. We will explore asana practices, Sutra wisdom along with pranayama breath techniques.


New Virtual Sūtra Wisdom Series 

Yama & Niyama ~ How To Live In A Sacred & Noble Way

April 21st - June 30th (11 class series)

Wednesdays 10-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...

investment: $220

Bundle withPrana Bhanda workshop: $350 (save $75)
Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Yoga answers our soul’s deepest calling to experience love, connection, and freedom. 

The Yama and Niyama are how we live life in the sacred and noble way. When we are aligned with clarity they are our natural response. When we are out of touch with self, maladaptive tendencies often reveal in subversive ways leaving us feeling fragmented and disempowered.


Patanjali emphasizes the core attitudes (Yama/Niyama) as what elevates the execution of practices into Yoga as a sacred path of profound psycho-spiritual discovery.

The Yama and Niyama simplify life so we thrive on what is nourishing and productive.

Can’t make it live? No worries! You have access to vide & audio class recordings, a study sheet with points of self-inquiry and a soundbite of the Sutra as well.


Learn to chant, translations, and the ancient wisdom connected to modern life. Lecture style with group chanting and time for questions and discussion.

Bhavani delivers the key concepts and teachings of the Yoga Sutra, in these relatable and easy to understand live online classes. Her unique and contemporary insights into the Patañjali Yoga Sutra reveals that deep personal inquiry through Yoga is a path toward your own true spiritual awakening.

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Yoga Sutra Mentorship

archived Sadhana Pada and Samadhi Pada, study at your own pace or live

Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Unlock the Psychosomatic Knots of the Granthi:
A journey of personal breakthrough

Therapeutic Asana, Pranayama & Yoga Sutra Inquiry
Prerecorded Virtual Workshop 

Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Class 1 ~ Brahma Granthi - low back & sacrum 
Class 2 ~ Vishnu Granthi - shoulders, chest, upper back
Class 3 ~ Rudra Granthi - neck & headaches
Can't make it live? Recordings will be available for 3 weeks after live event.

The Granthi are psychic restrictions to our  instinctive, emotional & intellectual wisdom. 

We experience them somatically as knots of tension in our low back & sacral area, between the shoulders, or neck tension & headaches.


The psychosomatic tensions of the Granthi call us to pay attention &
appreciate their pull as a loving call to get clear & listen to our inner wisdom. 


An adventure of breakthrough, we unlock the Granthi's tensions when we ask the right questions to bring core truths to light. ​Join in an exploration of classical & innovative Yoga practices woven with timeless Yoga Sutra wisdom. Discover key insights to personal freedom in a life-affirming exploration of Yoga as embodied awareness of living full-blooded
in mind, body & heart. 

Credit Card $200


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Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Videos recording of
New Year's Online Weekend Retreat

Sankalpa - Ignite Your Intention

Two 2 hour Asana classes
One 2 hour Sutra and Intention setting session

investment: $108 Venmo to @Bhavani-Maki

Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Sankalpa is a statement that reflects our true nature and inner calling that requires no change or action. Yoga's practices help us find resolution by settling our body and mind. When we land in our true brilliance, we can hear our heart's deepest desire. This articulation of our highest truth is known as Sankalpa, and empowers us to be absolutely alive and remain true in the nitty gritty moments of daily life.


Join me in this New Year weekend celebration of Classical and innovative Yogasana and Sutra Psychology in a life-affirming exploration of how Yoga serves to establish embodied awareness of unfolding our unique gifts in the world.


Live Zoom Hatha Yoga class

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Haines, Alaska
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On The Yoga Path
Juneau, Alaska
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Open Space
Anchorage, Alaska​
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