Live Online Sādhana Pāda Sage Wisdom Series

Live classes begin November 2nd, 2022

The Sādhana Pāda is the most pragmatic chapter of the Yoga Sūtra that elucidates how Yoga works to skillfully resolve involuntary states of mind and emotion. Key insights clarify how to develop a functional Yoga practice with breakthrough insights on āsana practice, prānāyāma, as well as the Yama and Niyama, or yogik code of how to live in a sacred and noble way. 

What you'll get:

  • 55 classes
  • 55 Sūtra study sheet downloads
  • 55 soundbite downloads of Sūtra chanted
  • 55 Yoga Alliance CEUs
  • 20 minute private session with Bhāvan
  • one time offer of a free copy of "The Yogī's Roadmap' book

[We will take a week-long break approximately every 10-12 weeks]

[ Receive unlimited access to video recordings for 8 weeks after course ends]

What People Are Saying:

You gave me an opportunnity to find the path on my own. You lit the way so i could rediscover something in me that was lost..."

$995.00 USD

Don't forget The Yogī's Roadmap, by Bhāvani Maki! It's the perfect companion guide for the Yoga Sūtra Wisdom Series.