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Don't forget The Yogī's Roadmap, by Bhāvani Maki - the perfect companion guide for Yoga Sūtra studies. 

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Return to Source ~ The Creative Matrix: Sūtra Wisdom Series I:21-29

It is a rare sort of person that is able to recognize the Divine in everyone, and serve them as a manifestation of the One among the many. If we understand but one thread of the matrix’s web, we tap into the potential for understanding the whole, spanning both macro and microcosm and the vast expanse in between. The journey through the labyrinth of Self renders our awareness increasingly subtle and potent, and as we penetrate the layers of consciousness, we venture ever closer to understanding life’s essence and its import in our own lives. Awareness of these realms links us into the obvious level of our life in the world, the subtle realm of our deeper aspirations and unconscious desires, and extends to the macrocosmic realm, in which we become instruments and even the eyes of the Creator. 9 classes

Downloads for your continued integration:

  • Soundbites of Sūtra chanted
  • Points of self inquiry
  • Study guide

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