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'The Yogī’s Roadmap' book

Traditionally, the Patañjali Yoga Sūtra is recognized as the definitive guide, offering perennial wisdom in navigating life’s challenges through the cultivation of viveka khyāti, discriminating wisdom. In The Yogī’s Roadmap, Bhāvani Maki offers unique, contemporary insights into the Yoga Sūtra, revealing that deep, personal inquiry is both the means and the experience, of embodying our true spiritual awakening. 

What you'll get:

  • Sanskrit pronunciation guide

  • Sanskrit glossary

  • Sūtra Glossary

  • Sūtra Index

What People Are Saying:

The future of Yoga is in blessed hands with the deep penetrative wisdom that Bhavani is offering to all teachers and students of Yoga of every lineage. Her way of interweaving complex Yoga teachings with ancient mythology in everyday life is reflective of her devotion and deep experiential understanding of the infinite teachings of Yoga. She represents the evolutionary spiral of Yoga teaching that will light the path for generations to come.

Rama Jyoti Vernon

I am only to page 50 but already thoroughly engrossed and immersed in the depth and breadth of your writing. I am appreciating the richness of your deep inquiry into the nature of yoga as viewed from the eyes of a 21st century yogini. Your writing has style and substance, humor and heart. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of an ancient text that has been test driven through the real experiences of a modern day seeker on the path.