Involution & Transfigurations Sūtra Series I.40-51

For the yogī, the body serves the primary function of connecting to the intangible and unfathomable field of consciousness known as the Self. Through the vehicles of consciousness, we follow their thread into the invisible realms of Self, and once refined and practiced in this art, we realize the embodiment of Yoga.

What you'll get:

  • Receive downloads of Yoga Sūtra study sheets with insights for self-inquiry along with soundbites for chanting.

  • 11 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs
  • Live class sessions have time for breakout rooms to share, and time for group discussion with our vital community that spans the globe.

Access to recordings is valid for 3 weeks after end of live sessions.

What People Are Saying:

"Bhāvani's teachings of the Yoga Sūtra have profoundly impacted my life and supported me through a time of great transition. I’ve had the great opportunity to study her advanced teaching with her both in person in Kaua'i, in workshops in Bend and Portland, OR, and continue to work with her weekly in her online mentorship program. Deepening my understanding of the Sūtra has absolutely been a form of therapy for me, as it gives me insight into my habits and patterned behavior and shows me what I can modify and what needs to be released. The healing that has happened with Bhāvani as a guide has been the greatest gift to me!"

Simone L. Portland, Oregon

$225.00 USD

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