April Newsletter

Aloha Yoga Hanalei O'hana!

Spring has sprung, and torrential rains have resulted in gorgeous perfect weather. This year is full of milestones. Yoga Hanalei will be in its 19th year of serving the greater Yoga community, and I had a hallmark year when I turned 50 this past March. Students honored me with a celebration after my Sunday Vinyasa class  and shared their gratitude for our lovely school and community. As my teacher in India would often say, “Much love is there!” Thank you for making Yoga Hanalei a part of your life, and growing me into who I am today.

Bhavani's Additional Summer Tour Stops I have added Half Moon Bay, California as well as Sun Valley, Idaho to my Summer tour. As my teacher Rama Jyoti instructed me, always accept the invitation to teach. I hope to see you somewhere along the path, or to meet your friends and family! Please look in the lefthand column for details.

"Much love is there!" - Pattabhi Jois Bhavani's 50th Birthday Celebration

Yoga Hanalei Yoga Alliance 300 / 500 hr training

Your teacher training is now fully accredited through Yoga Alliance. If you already have a 200 hour certificate, you can join in our 300 hour program and qualify for a 500 hour certificate through Yoga Alliance. Also, as I understand that taking 3 weeks off to do a training is impractical for many of you, our programs are now 2 weeks long. Please visit for updated daily schedules.

Visiting Teacher Alec Vishal Rouben Foundations Yoga Mondays 3 - 4:15 Thursdays 4 - 5:15 Starting April 12th

Alec Vishal Rouben is inspired to have stumbled upon a path of service! Having his first yoga practice through the Vinyasa system, breath became the key to finding inner contentment in life, staged through mindfulness. His personal practice reveals strong gems on how to move towards mastery in his unique offering of yoga to the world, influencing fellow brothers and sisters, while receiving wisdom from his Community. Although he is in the first decade of practice, he feels an unbounded dedication to cultivating a continued state of Study, as he comes to understand the nature of life through the lens of Yoga. Alec immediately dove into Bhakti, or devotion, for the sense of peace that has come from a committed practice, relieving the defeating waves of depression, confusion, and anxiety that life seems to produce.

Alec has completed a 7 month journey of living in London, pursuing a Masters Degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation and is excited to be on island sharing his love for yoga with Yoga Hanalei! His personal practice and teachings are based off of the student-teacher relationship. Alec provides an charismatic energy to his classes, calling in a level of attention that pierces through any distraction. Having a capable body and practice, he holds an understanding that is rare, which provides an extremely descriptive guidance for practitioners of all levels to experience the wisdom of yoga with personal integration. He is excited to build the foundation and connect through the lens of Yoga with you!

You are only as old as your spine! Bhavani demonstrates Viparita Dandasana with the Ropes

Bhavani Maki Online Yoga Sutra Talks 19 hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed. Credits

I am pleased to announce that I have at long last made 13 Yoga Sutra discourses available for download to the public. These talks are live recorded classes that qualify for 19 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance. Please visit my recently updated website for further information.

May you stay forever young,

                                            Bhavani Maki

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