August 2019 News Online Sutra Mentorship & Yoga Immersions

Atha… at last, I have returned to Kaua’i after 10 long weeks on the road. Two days after my arrival we began the Live Online Yoga Sutra Mentorship program. It was amazing! To  gather with students who are deeply interested in such a specialized  topic unrestricted by time or geography was a testament to the wonders of technology. What I love about the Zoom format is that it allows for the Yantra of transmission that includes gesture, inflection, sound, as well as other forms of non-verbal communication. It also video records the session so that it can be enjoyed at a later date. So far, there are 44 participants partaking in this experience and more joining every day.

Ready to take your Yoga to the next level? Live Online Yoga Sutra Mentorship


12:30 Hawaii Time

3:30p West Coast

4:30P Mountain Time

5:30p Central

6:30p East Coast

Video recording available

  • Learn to chant the first chapter              Samadhi Pada (by heart)

  • Expand understanding of Self thru Yoga

  • Access key insights for personal breakthrough experiences

  • Practical application in Yoga practice,    personal psychology and relationships

  •  Points of inquiry to explore personal growth

  • Shift belief systems and attitudes

  • Leverage your talents and discover hidden gifts

  • Revitalize your practice and your teachings

  • Maximize personal experience and expression

Investment: Single Session: $25 4 Consecutive Sessions: $80 Entire Course (Sadhana Pada): $900            includes 51 sessions, 6 private sessions w/ Bhavani


Join me for a Live online Yoga Sutra mentorship. In each  45 - 60 minute Zoom session learn to chant a Sutra and explore its practical philosophical and psychological insights. I will leave you with some points of inquiry  for your personal growth. The Zoom format allows me to send you a video if you are unable to join live as well as to share documents. We will begin at the beginning of Book One, The Samadhi Pada. Initially, you will be able to keep the videos for continued study.

Atha.... Invokes a blessing for the commencement of a project as well as a commitment to see it through to its completion. For many, practice is a physical discipline that accesses the more obvious (sthula) cellular and intellectual levels. I want to congratulate those of you who are ready to take the Quantum (anu) leap to commit the Sutra to heart memory to reveal and access subtle (sukshma) layers of svarupa - your essential Self, spirit and soul. What is so wonderful about the Sutra is that you can chant them anywhere, anytime, anyhow - even when you are multi-tasking.

Yoga.... Now is the time to decide if you will invest deeper  in your personal growth. Might you even commit to memorizing one Sutra per week? Go beyond a piecemeal understanding of the Sutra, to the adventure of learning the whole chapter by heart. The Sanskrit transforms us in quiet mystical ways and learning the whole chapter allows you to appreciate the whole mandala as a portal to open to new worlds and perspectives.

Anu.... Along with weekly zoom meetings you will have special access to a google drive folder with study materials, the weekly video along with points of self-inquiry (Divyadṛṣṭi). I invite you to journal these points of reflection as an opportunity to unfold your inner wisdom and intuition.

Shasa.... The Samadhi Pada contains 51 Sutra which requires 51 weeks to complete. Join a community of like-minded practitioners to discuss and expand perspectives via a thread. As the Sutra become more technical (ie I:2) I will present you with the associated Sanskrit terminology to help you learn key points and concepts in the Yogik technology of consciousness.

Nam.... For those of you who are wholehearted in your commitment to see this project through, register for the entire course for a discounted rate of $900 for savings of up to $235. Enrollment in the year-long course includes a 20 minute private meeting with Bhavani every other month. Bhavani can also support you by offering verbal quizes on basic terminology and key concepts as well as be an ear to help you with pronunciation and your memorization process. 

"As is your desire, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny." -The Upanishad

Yoga Hanalei reopens as Black Coral! Opening celebration

Friday August 23rd 4-7p

Francine and Louise have brought a fresh new vibe and expanded offerings to Hanalei. The space looks vibrant and full off energy! Look forward to classes with many of your favorite Yoga Hanalei trained teachers along with some new ones and eclectic modalities all in the spirit of conscious movement. Visit and their social media updates for special deals and information.

Kaua'i Immersions / Retreats Be sure to check out my extensive offerings on Kaua’I for personal study and retreat. Attend 6 day sessions that begin with Yoga Practice, and then specialized study in Philosophy, Psychology and the Yoga Sutra, Reading bodies - Alignment Clinics, Anatomy and Physiology as well as Teaching Skills You have 2 options: sign up for the morning asana sessions and keep your afternoons free, or join in for afternoon sessions for in depth study and practical application of Philosophy, Psychology and the Yoga Sutra, Reading bodies, Alignment Clinics, Anatomy and Physiology.

Yours in Yoga, Namastubhyam..... Bhavani Maki

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