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Aloha Yoga Kaua'i O'hana,

Gong Hey Fat Choy....Happy Chinese New Year!

As we usher in the year of the Rat, we stand at the threshold of renewing our sense of self and opening to "aha", or rather, ATHA moments. In an exploration of the Rat's characteristics, I am struck by the apparent paradox of its attributes. Described as both optimistic and energetic, stubborn and adaptable, sensitive to other's feelings and yet stalwart in their own opinions, they seem to have contrary attitudes! Still, I recognize the inherent complexity in all the many expressions of nature's personality.

In Sutra II:33 Patanjali introduces the practice of Pratipaksha Bhavanam. A form of dialectical analysis, it is a method to examine opposing ideas in order to find truth. Pratipaksha Bhavanam acknowledges that life is in continuous flux and therefor truth is relative. Free of absolutes, we have spaciousness to feel deeply into our human journey and that the truth of who we are evolves over time.

In the Divine, all creation rests.....

In reality, we are complex beings. if we limit ourselves to our weaknesses or bypass them in telling ourselves we are strong, at our core we know we are not seeing the full truth. When we honestly acknowledge that we are both fragile and strong, insecure and courageous, light and shadow, our being relaxes into dynamic awareness capable of the full spectrum of experience and expression.

Monthly Sūtra

II:48 Tato dvandvān abhighātaḥam 

Then, the yogī is no longer affected by the pull of opposites. 

We appreciate māyā’s play as an inexhaustible and perpetual flux, that relies on the essential law of polarity. The very structure and texture of creation is both light and shadow, and to pull back the veil of māyā is to penetrate the secret of creation. Protons, neutrons and electrons whirl and embrace, mingling in infinite configurations and polarities, and dancing on the thread of the Sūtra, our understanding of the tenuousness of it all, suspends us somewhere in between. Never a dull moment, we thank māyā for saving us from what otherwise would be an agonizing monotony.

In closing, may this Chinese New year bring you renewed enthusiasm as to the delicious complexity of your humanity and divinity. May we enjoy the freshness of each moment as a window into expanded experience and expression.


Bhavani Maki

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