July 2018 News: Freedom & Liberty

Aloha Yoga Hanalei O'hana!

We celebrate July 4th as a memorial to the principles of freedom and liberty. Yoga is based on the same values. Patanjali Yoga Sutra II:18 describes the function of our life experience as a means for Buddhi, or conscience, to fulfill its purpose of Bhoga Apavarga - find enough freedom within to experience and enjoy the fullness of life. We are left to reflect what binds us from experiencing true liberty?

Studies reveal that on the average we have 70,000 thoughts per day, of which 95% are repetitive and 80% are negative.

Bhavani on location shooting for release date: this Autumn TBA

In the past year, I have had a very profound discovery in working with Eye Movement Desensizitation and Reprocessing (EMDR). First developed in the early 90’s, it has been successful in treating post traumatic stress disorders and unwinding trauma. Whether we have suffered devastation or vague tensions in  personal or social surroundings, our nervous system creates a neural patterning that holds the memory deeply. If an incident is  slightly reminiscent of such tensions it can trigger a full-blown reaction. We might also hold a baseline of anxiety that colors our general disposition and outlook on life.

Supta Padangushtasana at ENSO, Ca

After decades of practicing Yoga, shamanic ritual, various mind/body therapies and study of Patanjali’s philosophy and psychology, I feel that this work brings visceral ease and steadiness. It offers insights into stories and perceptions adopted that are inaccurate and self-limiting.

This is all supported by Patanjali's Sutra. Memories may effect our sense of presence. They accumulate into Samskara and determine our personality, belief systems, perspectives and values. They contribute to an over-reaching or pessimistic general outlook that results in disappointment. It is exciting to realize how modern modalities align with ancient teachings to support us in getting free to embrace the freshness of each moment eternal divine.

Many long-time and new students gather at ENSO, Half Moon Bay, Ca

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May all beings be happy and free,

                                             Bhavani Maki & the faculty at Yoga Hanalei

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