July News: Live Online Yoga Sutra Mentorship & Fall Immersions and Trainings

Happy Summer!

Gazing at the marvelous firework displays of Independence Day, I reflect back on our country's forefathers and mothers. It is astounding that the current celebration was proceeded by bombastics and the risks taken to assert the right to freedom and pursue happiness. Clearly, an intense drive to break free of oppression fueled our ancestor's optimism!

Every July 4th the question of freedom comes to mind. Each individual has personal desires and their own definition. Yoga is to develop tireless optimism and personal confidence to realize our capacity to succeed against all odds. Studies reveal hopelessness as a learned trait and an impediment of optimism and success. Freedom is gained through skill to unlearn maladaptive behaviors so that we can fully express, experience, cocreate and enjoy life. Sage Patanjali's insights invite us to make clear choices in how to transform what otherwise might break us down into a break through experience to realize personal and collective sovereignty.

"if you deny what is within in you, it will be your undoing. If you follow what is within you it will be your salvation" - The Christ

Patanjali uses the term Kaivalya to describe liberation as personal awareness resting on consciousness. The sense of bondage is compelled by deep engrained patterns inherited through lifetimes; family of origin, society, culture and era. Yoga as accelerated evolution invites us to offer our consent to work with the nature of  intelligence to identify where patterns of self-negation have lodged into the deepest matrix of our being and to remember our resilience. Once identified, we can refine how our deepest drives are expressed to support our desired life experience.

Ready for a breakthrough? Live Online Yoga Sutra Mentorship August 7, 14, 21, 28, Wednesdays

Join me for a Live online Yoga Sutra mentorship. In each weekly 45 - 60 minute Zoom session we will learn to chant a Sutra and then unpack its philosophical and practical psychological insights. I will leave you with some points of inquiry to explore for your personal growth.

The Zoom format allows me to send you a video if you are unable to join live as well as to share documents. We will begin at the beginning of Book One, The Samadhi Pada. Initially, you will be able to keep the videos for continued study.

In our Krishnamacharya lineage the Sutra were learned by heart in the original Sanskrit which is a language of resonance that profoundly clears our subtle bodies. We all have momentary flashes of brilliant insight. Described as "that which our hearts have always known, but our minds have simply forgotten", the Sutra help us recall realizations with ease. Join in this incredible opportunity to work with an online community that spans the entire continent!

Immersions /Teacher Training

Fundamentals Sept 8 - 20, 2019 (100 hours)

Yoga Sutra 101: Philosophy & Psychology Nov 3 - 8, 2019 (50 hours)

Teaching / Reading Bodies 101 Nov 10 - 15, 2019  (50 hours)

One does not have to want to be a Yoga teacher to explore this, and all are invited!

Yoga is described as "accelerated evolution". This training will explore Yoga as skillfulness in action and embodiment of personal power to align in mind, body and heart to experience life to its fullest. Empowered by Sage Patanjali's teachings, understand the technology of Yoga to reveal your unique gifts, personal authenticity and creativity. The asana provide a context to develop seamless precision, to resolve internal disturbances, and reset our nervous system to remember our inherent wholeness.

Kaua'i Retreats

Be sure to check out my extensive offerings on Kaua’I for personal study and retreat. Attend 6 day sessions that begin with Yoga Practice, and then specialized study in Philosophy, Psychology and the Yoga Sutra, Reading bodies - Alignment Clinics, Anatomy and Physiology as well as Teaching Skills You have 2 options: sign up for the morning asana sessions and keep your afternoons free, or join in for afternoon sessions for in depth study and practical application of Philosophy, Psychology and the Yoga Sutra, Reading bodies, Alignment Clinics, Anatomy and Physiology.

Namastubhyam.....Yours in Yoga, Bhavani Maki

Patanjali Yoga Sūtra of the Month

II:18 Prakāsha kriyā stithi shīlam bhūt endriy ātmakam bhog āpavarg ārtham dṛshyam

Experience of the manifest world has for its purpose providing the individual with the means for self-experience and liberation.

Lifetime after lifetime, the Earth plane has provided the perfect arena to gain necessary experience in understanding the nature of Self. It provides lessons about the diversity and adaptability of creation, including its cycles of birth, death, sustenance, and decay. The world experience provides everything needed to experience fulfillment and liberation (bhog āpavarg ārtham). For one who lives in vidyā, the world is full of possibility and beauty, while for individuals living in avidyā, the world is full of misery.

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