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Aloha Yoga Kaua'i O'hana,

As I write to you from the emerald paradise of Kaua’i, it feels strangely surreal. News streams in from mainland America that the country is on fire in an emblazoned revolt against broken systems and ideals. After all we have endured, the thin membrane of any remaining semblance of sanity has ruptured with the atrocities that occurred in Minnesota, and long held traumas and pent up frustrations erupted world wide. It feels as if Avidya's veil of confused priorities and ignorance is only getting heavier. And yet I must remind myself that it is in the gravest of moments that the light of love shines brightest and penetrates what occludes our long held remembrance of Oneness.

What color am I?

Last weekend we took our son Niko to Ke’e Beach or ‘the end of the road’. Niko happily ventured off to find other Littles like himself. After sometime, he returned, confused and dejected. “That little boy won’t play with me. He says I am not local or from here. But I told him that I am!”

Ray and I looked at one another, sighing deeply in silent recognition that we would have to break his heart again. It was evident that the time had arrived to recount the historical culture of violence, usurpers, racism and social injustice. I mourned having to pierce the diaphanous bubble of our child's innocence, who had never before taken notice of the color of people's skin.

Our nature is to nurture

“What color am I?“ Niko asked. “My tummy is white, but my arms are brown....” How do we explain to our children the inherited legacy burden of violence and ignorance endemic to our species? As much as we may try to explain, it just doesn’t make any sense.

We must do our utmost to lighten the load of hurts our children will inherit. In the very least, to teach them that the secret to life is to treat everyone they meet as if they have a broken heart.

Let's keep our hearts open....

"If we could only remember our oneness, we would never feel pain."

- Rama Jyoti Vernon

Online Opportunities

As I have been grounded from flying and unable to offer my mainland workshops, I am shifting to more online classes. Nothing will replace the darshan of being together heart-to-heart, and I optimistically await the day when we can sit together again. It has been challenging to secure an internet provider that will be able to handle the data required for online classes at our rural home. We are currently doing 1000 feet of trenching, and I look forward to stream online and share Yoga together again soon!

Virtual Zoom Workshop

3-Part Self Care Series: June 17-19

During this poignant time of great unknowns, our need to adapt and self-regulate is critical to supporting both inner and outer harmony. Patanjali describes dropping into a balanced state of being as Samapatti Bhyam. The goal of Yoga is to let go and to recalibrate our physiology into our natural state of homeostasis. 

Join me in this 3 part online workshop hosted by Yoga Durango in which we will support our nervous systems to recall innate wellbeing and living in an open-hearted state of now-to-now moments. We will explore Hatha and Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Patanjali Yoga Sutra’s key insights in each session.

Wednesday, June 17, 5:30-7:30pm MST

Hatha Yoga & Yoga Sutra

Thursday, June 18, 5:30-7:30pm MST

Hatha Yoga & Yoga Sutra

Friday, June 19, 5:30-7:30pm MST

Restorative Yoga & Pranayama

Please bring a blanket, 2 bricks or thick books, a belt, a bolster (a thick cushion or rolled up blanket can work as well) and a chair without wheels. A clear wall will be of great benefit.

investment: $35 individual sessions & $95 for all three


Online Zoom Training / Immersion

June 22 - July 17, 2020

Mondays - Fridays 9:30-2p Hawaii time

As I have been grounded from travel, it is a great opportunity to dive back into teacher training. Yoga Alliance permits this to be online. If you aren’t able to make the live classes, you are welcome to watch the recordings in your own time. This “Foundations” training applies towards a 200, 300 0r 500 hour teaching certificate. Each day we will explore asana practice and pranayama followed by Yoga Sutra and how to galvanize your practice to extract the most nectar possible and support your own unique unfolding.

investment $1100 + tax

Live Online Yoga Sūtra Mentorship

Sadhana Pada begins August 5th

The last mentorship was a huge success and so potent, that I will continue on to offer the next live mentorship on the second chapter, or Pada. The Sadhana Pada is the most pragmatic and exoteric chapter on Yoga. Explore the klesha, the laws of karma, Yama and Niyama, along with the Sutra on Asana and Pranayama. You will receive recordings of the classes along with a study sheet and points of self-inquiry and a soundbite to practice chanting. As this chapter has 55 classes, we will take a 1 week break every 12 weeks.


For those who wish to join in now and explore the first chapter, Samadhi Pada, you have the option to join in for live zoom classes online and/or go at your own pace with videos you can watch in your own time.

Sadhana Pada Investment options:

Single Class: $25

Full Course (55 classes): $900*($16/session)

includes two 20 minute private sessions with Bhavani

and free book The Yogi's Roadmap

Monthly: ($20/session)

5 class month: $100

4 class month: $80

Quarterly installment option available

Group Special for Full course:

groups of 3-5 new students receive 10% off each!

Email me at

Venmo Bhavani-Maki please include your email & details as to what course you would like to engage in.

more info

I look forward to communing with you in heart and online!

Bhavani Maki

Monthly Sūtra

Anityāshuchi duḥkhānātmasu nitya shuchi sukhātma khyātir avidyā

Avidyā is to confuse the temporary with the eternal, the self with the non-self, the pure with the impure, and pleasure with pain. 

Avidyā is our inability to see through the many layers of a given situation to the deepest underlying reality. In essence, it is our tendency to confuse our values and priorities. We are all likely to experience crisis and tragedy at some point in our lives that will invariably bring things into perspective. We realize that the things we were killing ourselves over are no longer important. In our re-prioritization, we reevaluate life’s preciousness, and appreciate its tentativeness. How many times have you changed your views, your beliefs, and the way you express yourself? When we look at the thread of our gotra(lineage), our culture, family experiences and traits, we see how much it is colored withviparyaya, confused knowledge, without anything to substantiate it. Rather than retaliate, suppress deep-seated tendencies, or our deepest sentiments, we can bring these to awareness, to vidyā,really piercing through.Vidyā is the antidote foravidyā, and relies on our ability to constantly reevaluate and set our priorities straight. 

There will inevitably be stages in our journey to vidyā, where the more we understand our inherited tendencies and how much we are a product of culture and society, the more damaged or lost we feel. Anais Nin insightfully wrote that we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. When we can hold our vulnerability, like a child, with love and acceptance, we trust and value life's lessons, and can really pierce through and get clear of the past. Only when we drop into our involuntary emotions, and embrace the uncomfortable sensations and feelings, can we really have acceptance and clarity. Then, in that tender place of vulnerability and openness, we penetrate to deeper layers of our original blueprint of Self and even cosmic self. We have the potential to not only evolve as individuals, but as families, culture, and society. It is here that we discover incredible insight, extra-ordinary understanding, and the innate wisdom known asprajñā

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