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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Aloha Yoga Hanalei O'hana!

Our October Yoga Intensive was such a wonderful success, that I will be offering another two weeks of morning classes. I am excited to continue in the sharing of sacred space and the joy of discovering the possibilities of spirit and its dance with nature. Workshop classes are steeped in Bhava, the feeling of sacredness, profound resonance, and a true celebration of our oneness and shared interest in the mysteries that lie beyond the mind. I hope you can come join in this adventure! Reservations: Please email or call(808) 826- YOGA

My teacher Rama Jyoti Vernon will be returning in December to offer a 4 day Yoga Sutra and Asana workshop. She has assigned me the third and fourth chapters of the Yoga Sutra, as she wishes to record them with me. I finally cracked open Hariharananda’s classical translation of Vyasa’s commentary on Patanjali’s Sutra. Rama had told me to spend ten years on a chapter, and I suppose it was about time!

In Hariharananda’s commentary, he speaks about how nature has its own momentum, and can never be created.

Just as a farmer cannot push water into the fields to make her plants grow, we cannot force nature. However, the farmer knows that if she removes the barriers between the water flow and the crops, nature will take care of the rest. Such a simple concept, yet infinitely profound! As the Sutra are intended to be reflected upon as multi-faceted and layered, I have been reflecting on this in my own approach to life. It reminds me of my teacher Pattabhi Jois repeatedly telling me, "Don't try, you do!"  In essence, It reinforces what Patanjali describes as being-ness versus becoming.

We live in an age where we have come to accept mediocrity, and people find it hard to believe that there is something extraordinary within them. Let's join together in keeping our minds open!

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