November News: Kaua'i Yoga Immersions & Trainings, Yoga Sutra Mentorship

Aloha Yoga Kaua'i O'hana,

I just returned from Alaska to Kauai so full of my shared experiences with the people of the North. When I embarked on my journey I wondered what inspires people to move to the Subarctic? Surely the climate would dissuade most of us. I knew that only spending time there could answer these questions.

Alaska, The Last Frontier

Flying in to Alaska is nothing short of breath-taking. The coast is as lush as Kaua'i with verdant mountains that spill into an emerald ocean. To the East, vast expanses of mountains and glaciers extend into the infinite. Truly the "last frontier", one feels part of a much larger web. The magnitude of the landscape and proximity of wild life makes it clear that we are but one thread in the tapestry of creation. In Alaska one cannot help but feel what Yoga describes as Rtam; to be in sync with the rhythm of the natural world and cosmic order. The people who gravitate there are true yogis in their sentiment that they love to feel Self / Svarupa as a part of the natural world.

Clay Anatomy Workshop

December 2 - 6

Monday - Friday, 1 - 4pm

After 16 years of sitting in anatomy classes it was when I finally experienced Clay anatomy with Phoebe Pilaro's lovely teaching style that detailed information truly landed. Anatomy is usually presented in 2 dimensional form with a printed diagram as reference. What I love about clay anatomy is that you get to build and shape the muscles to understand their origins and insertions as well as how they are layered and act as levers for bones. Visual learners get to see it, tactile learners get to mold it and kinetic learners are able to move around in the process. Truly a not-to-be-missed hands on learning experience!

Investment: $325

Space is limited RESERVE NOW!


Monthly Sūtra I:48 Ṛtambharā tatra prajñā There is truth-bearing wisdom.

Our intense investigation of consciousness through any topic brings us in contact with ṛtambharā, from ṛtam – “right or true”, and bharā – “bearing”. Ṛtam is the natural law intrinsic to all material, spiritual, and moral matters, and the underlying cosmic order. Through ṛtam, we understand the larger balance of life, the laws of the cosmos, and the right use of knowledge. Usually, only able to see a partial truth, our perception is distorted. In the stage of ṛtambharā prajñā, the perspective is holistic and integrated, and it is impossible for the yogī to use knowledge for ill-guided means. Unable to separate himself from the unity of consciousness and the deep sense of connection to all that is, he is provided with an expanded capacity to transform, synthesize, and integrate himself with the unexplained mysteries and possibilities of life.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Blessings, Bhavani

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