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Aloha Yoga Kaua'i O'hana,

I hope this email finds you healthy and in gratitude. Last weekend, Kaua'i braced herself for hurricane Douglas. Thank goodness the winds of fortune shifted it North leaving our islands unscathed. Needless to say, we were filled with a profound feeling of relief! In these challenging times, avoidance of suffering that could have befallen us is a very real experience of blessing. It is said that as soon as we come into gratitude, the whole world finds a moment of reprieve.

Grace is an inner voice that transforms a moment into something better

Testimony from Jaime Amor of Cosmic Kids Yoga

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Online Yoga Sutra Mentorship

begins August 5th: Wednesdays 10a Hawaii time Yoga Alliance CEU's available more info There is no commitment to join in live

as you also receive links to the recordings. Watch as many times as you like!

During this time of so many unknowns, Patanjali’s insights are more potent than ever.  The magic of the Sutra is that they provide a context to feel into what comes alive for you to uncover your own unique gems of personal wisdom. In his 2nd chapter, the Sadhana Pada, he offers his most pragmatic teachings on Yoga as a living science of personal empowerment to align with grace. In this mentorship we will explore Yoga's greater project as the technology of consciousness to track somatic experience as leverage to open to new perspectives in co-creating a world that is flexible, free-thinking and cares for all its inhabitants.


  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the roots of Yoga

  • Anyone who desires to understand the psychological benefits of Yoga on a deeper level

  • Those interested in what yoga is on a deeper level, and not just the physical postures

  • All levels, from experienced yogis, to those who are curious about Yoga and have never taken a class​

You will receive recordings of the classes along with a study sheet and points of self-inquiry and a soundbite to practice chanting.  No commitment to join the full course If you decide to participate in the full course, as this chapter has 55 classes,

we will take a 1 week break every 12 weeks. Sadhana Pada Investment options: Single Class: $25 Monthly: ($20/session) 4 class month: $80 5 class month: $100 Full Course (55 classes): $900 ($16/session) includes two 20 minute private sessions with Bhavani and free book The Yogi's Roadmap Quarterly installment option available $275 due August 1 $250 due November 1 $225 due February I $150 due May 1 Full Course Group Special : groups of 3-5 new students receive 10% off each! sign me up! Email me at Venmo Bhavani-Maki please include your email

Online Teacher Training

Anatomy, Physiology & Sequencing

August 31 - Sept 25th

100 hour teacher training module:

Mondays - Fridays, 8:30a - 1p Hawaii time

credit towards 200/300/500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate

Receive links to view recorded class videos for review 

or if you cannot tune in live. more info

Anatomy along with study of physiological and subtle body systems. Focused and advanced study of reading bodies, use of props and designing sequences and classes that facilitate students for particular objectives.

Each day includes Pranayama, meditation as well as a morning Asana practice session.

investment $1155

Bhavani in Eka Pada Sirsasana

In closing, I would like to express my DEEP gratitude for over 25 years of our shared Yoga experience. My recent 2 month hiatus before going completely online underscored how important Sanghata, or spiritual community is and that is so much more than 4 walls could ever define. Now, as we connect via the inter-web, our communion of collective prayer in the spirit of Yoga is truly unlimited by time or geographical distance. Patanjali reveals, when we gather together to unfold inner wisdom through Yoga, the practice of Yoga is the experience of Samadhi - expanded integration. Thank you for empowering me to hold sacred space for healing and the profound blessing of sharing Prana with one another.

Yours in Yoga and Aloha,

Bhavani Maki

Monthly Sutra Parināma tāpa samskāra duḥkhair guṇa vṛtti virodhācca duḥkham eva sarvam vivekinaḥ The inability to recognize the tendency for the guṇa (the protonic, neutronic and electronic energies) to fluctuate constantly along with the principle of time-delay is the continuous cause of duḥkha, suffering. 

Often, we desire something, and by the time we receive it, we don’t want it anymore; we want something else. Or, by the time we actually get comfortable with something and really learn to love it, its no longer there. If we are radically able to reverse our point of view and escape the spell of māyā, we realize that what we are truly seeking, is beyond the world of form. We develop a new type of inner vision, capable of seeing through to the zero behind all evaluations, measuring and comparing, and expand into the open space of conscious, positive awareness.  What are the obstacles to feeling connected, and living in a state of Yoga? What are the deeper questions of the heart and the longings of our soul, the essence beneath the debris of our chitta? The Veda and Yoga Sūtra are penetrating truths, that enable us to pierce through the layers that cloak these deep yearnings within us, helping us to become clear as to what is worthy of our attention, and what is merely a passing interest. 

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