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Kauai April showers turned into a deluge when it rained 50 inches in 24 hours setting a new national record. Many areas of the North Shore were severely impacted, homes, cars and personal belongings destroyed, leaving many families displaced and stranded. The landscape of Hanalei Bay has new contours and we are struggling to repair large sinkholes and clear the numerous mudslides along Kuhio highway from Hanalei to Haena. Mahalo for your tremendous outpouring of love. For those of you who would like to make a contribute to families in need, there is a gofundme account @ILOVEHANALEI that is accepting donations.

It truly was “an act of God”. Naturally, crisis often brings the best out of everyone. FEMA has arrived, and locals are doing their best to aid one another. We are offering classes free of charge to those who have suffered due to the storm. We are honored to share the blessing of Yoga in its profound ability to offer solace and unwind trauma.

As I commenced my Yoga Sutra class in Lawrence Kansas, I could not help but reflect how humans are the only species that feel separate from nature to the point of attempting to lord over it. Patanjali instructs, “Erroneous knowledge is unsupported by reality”. When we are out of balance with what we ask of the Earth, Mother Nature speaks loud and clear resulting in an infrastructural collapse. Fortunately human lives were spared, and we have the opportunity to remember our  true nature as loving, supportive and unified in our efforts to help one another through the trials and travails of life.

“We must be satisfied with love itself, because nothing can compare to it.” - Krsna

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Kansas. I made my first visit to teach in 2000, and several of the students have cultivated Yogik communities of their own. In the current age of pop Yoga where it is approached as a recreational activity, I am so encouraged by Yoga schools that explore the full science and art of Yoga. Whether we seek a beautiful physique or the transformational possibilities to shift ordinary perspective to the extraordinary realization of our divine origins, Yoga will meet us where we are at. The students in both Lawrence and Kansas City are so open and bright. I feel deeply touched by our time together and inspired by their deep interest and motivation to experience Yoga’s potential to raise individual and collective consciousness in mind, body and heart in the realization of love beyond a human emotion.

I am back on Kauai for the rest of the month and then off again for a wonderful Rocky Mountain tour that ends in Half Moon Bay, California at ENSO. I am also very excited to report that I have been invited to offer my classes online with Yogadownloads, one of the original and most established online Yoga platforms. Stay tuned, and I will let you know when you can access videos of my teachings.

Bhavani Maki Online Yoga Sutra Talks 19 hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed. Credits

I am pleased to announce that I have at long last made 13 Yoga Sutra discourses available for download to the public. These talks are live recorded classes that qualify for 19 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance. Please visit my recently updated website for further information.

Sending you  and your dear ones blessings far and wide,

Bhavani Maki

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