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Aloha Yoga Kaua'i O'hana!

In 2002 I had the honor of hosting Pattabhi Jois on Kaua'i. He came to our land and performed a puja (blessing)  and made me promise that I would build a school there. This promise has at long last been fulfilled. After 20 years in Hanalei Center I moved my equipment and Yoga Shala to our permaculture family farm. I have conducted teacher trainings here before and discovered the natural surroundings to be highly conducive in supporting inner tranquility. We have made several improvements to the structure which include a beautiful floor, wooden walls and an entry/prop area. I have christened it the Kaua’i Yoga Shala.

Students enjoyed the upgrades during my Spring Yoga Workshop and shared how comfortable and intimate it felt. It feels so good to invite students to our home base lovingly planted with a diverse collection of exotic and tropical medicinal and edible plants. As I look back, I feel a sense of both completion and fruition of a great vision. The evolution of moving Yoga to our farm is so clearly aligned with Yoga as the art of sustainability, union with nature, and creating a safe and sacred space.

Blue Moon Yoga Weekend w/ Bhavani Maki May 18 - 19 Sat & Sun   9:30-12p  at Yoga Kaua'i Shala reservations / info:

Now that I am free from the administrative duties of running a Yoga studio, I am focusing on my passion as both an educator and practitioner of Yoga as shamanism. I will dedicate my efforts to mentor students who want a more concentrated study of Yoga therapeutics, psychology and philosophy. I will offer workshops, immersions and trainings on Kaua'i along with more mainland travel to work with sister communities. I look forward to working with students that Patanjali calls “the deeply interested”. On Kaua'i, I feel confident that those of you who enjoy my classes will benefit from the quality of students drawn to our new classroom and the resonance generated in the intentional learning environment in this natural setting.

New Immersion / Training Format: specialized study applicable towards teacher certification

Be sure to check out our extensive offerings on Kaua’I for personal study, retreat or towards a teaching certificate. My new format allows you to attend 6 day sessions that all begin with Yoga Practice, and then specialized study in Philosophy, Psychology and the Yoga Sutra, Reading bodies- Alignment Clinics, Anatomy and Physiology as well as Teaching Skills.

Yoga in Hanalei to be continued.... As for the old space in Hanalei, the perfect new stewards have been revealed! Two of my long time students are poised to usher in a fresh wave of energy to support the Dharma of Yoga in Hanalei. They will first remodel, do a “re-branding” and not only offer Yoga, but fitness and health related services. They are still in the process of gestating their new concept and fine-tuning details. I will of course inform you when it is time for the big reveal! Rest assured that I will continue to offer workshops in Hanalei as part of the faculty.

Summer Mainland Tour Please check out the locations of my Summer workshops in the left hand column. I sincerely hope we will be able to share our love of Yoga together. Feel free to encourage your friends.

Yoga Sutra Study Mentorship Those of you interested in joining me in an online Yoga Sutra mentorship please contact me at

Yogadownload Classes Please check out the online yoga platform yogadownload and enter the code bhavanimaki to receive a 50% discount on my classes. The classes videos are instruction based. I also have several Yoga Sutra discourses.

In love and gratitude - Namaskara, Bhavani Maki 

Patanjali Yoga Sutra of the Month

III:34 Pratībhāt vā sarvam

The intellect is transformed into pure intuition and insight.

On the frontier where consciousness meets the subconscious, we eventually become familiar and intimate enough with every layer of the self, that our samskāra become sufficiently transparent to navigate through them. We see beyond the world of form, and develop our sixth sense of pratībhāt. Although the word pratībhāt cannot be effectively transliterated into English, we can equate it to sharp insight and intuition so highly developed as to be sage, enlightened, and wise.Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the compulsion of the vrrti’s involuntary states of mind and emotion, our impulsive nature is transformed into pratībhāt’s intuitive, penetrating genius.

Both the yogī and the shaman hold a different view of reality from the consensus, and thus are able to navigate the many dimensions between the mundane world, the world of spirit and psyche, and restore balance by reconciling the two. The ability to journey into the underworld of the psyche enables the shaman to heal all ailments of the mind, body, and spirit.

World-renowned historian Mircea Eliade, describes both shamanism and samādhi as the technologies of ecstasy, although Eliade prefers to use the term enstasy. As we have already explored, the term “ecstasy”is derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning to stand to the side of something, while the term “enstasy”, signifies standing into an experience. Both describe experiencing life in a more intensified state of awareness, and as an alternate reality where there is a profound feeling of unification and confluence.

Most significant is the epiphany that Yoga, as a path of shamanism, defines both the technique of ecstasy, and its actual experience, as one in the same. Walking the Yoga Mārga, we stand to the side of consensus consciousness, and step into the subjective parallel universe of the witness/consciousness of pure awareness (dṛṣṭā), in which life is experienced in a more concentrated way.

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