Yoga Kaua'i October News: Join Bhavani in Alaska Workshops 10/18-20 & 10/25-2, Kaua'i Yoga Retreats

Aloha Yoga Kaua'i O'hana,

I hope this email finds you well and that you are enjoying the change of seasons. This past September my schedule allowed me to open up my new shala for general classes. Students gathered on Monday mornings for Restorative Yoga and Friday mornings for Hatha Yoga. It is so nourishing to gather with my Sanghata - spiritual community. As much as Yoga is an individual path, Sanghata is as important as Yoga intent is to support both personal and societal evolution. When we congregate together we are invigorated and build intelligent community.

I was so happy to see students resurface who I had not seen in class for years due to the complexity of family life and the distance to Hanalei. It definitely felt like a home-coming. I finally finished polishing the wall and installing the ropes. My body craved the traction and therapeutics the yoga ropes afford! We are all so in love with the new space. There is something magical about working in the round with windows on all sides. The sound of the birds and the scents carried by the breeze bathe us in a wonderful sensory experience of nature. I look forward to the next opening in my schedule to offer sessions. Many have requested an evening class and I will certainly keep you posted on social media as to when the next series of classes at Kaua'i Yoga Shala will resume.


Let's Go to Alaska!

I am so excited to be traveling back to Alaska to teach this month. Anyone want to go on an adventure? Join me at The Yoga Path in Juneau and Open Space Yoga in Anchorage. I made my first trip to Alaska some 9 years ago and literally wept in the airplane as I looked out the window. I have never seen such a vast and untamed wilderness in my life! The many small islands rose up like bright green exclamations of nature's resilience in contrast to the frozen glaciers that tumbled into the ocean. I felt like Alaska was an entirely new planet to discover...

Oct 18 - 20, 2019

The Yoga Path

Juneau, Alaska

Oct 25 - 27, 2019

Open Space Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

Online Yoga Sutra Mentorship

We are entering the 3rd month of the Yoga Sutra mentorship. Students are joining in all the time, so no need for FOMO - fear of missing out... go at your own pace and jump right in!

Our program keeps evolving as we have added Slack, a very user-friendly app that allows us to maintain a thread of dialogue to share insights and inquiry amongst the group. It also allows me to post study sheets and soundbites to facilitate study and chanting.

This is by far the deepest I have ever gone with a group of students. We average about 1 hour per Sutra! I am digging in with renewed enthusiasm and amending my prior research and notes in study of an average of 12 different translations. There is so much to learn and we are loving it! I hope you can join in. The students are going in deep and feedback is that the Sutra are exerting their magic as compressed evolution. It is amazing how much comes up for review, reframing and to get clear. The Sutra is so powerful in opening windows for breakthrough insight. Check out the first class and see how you like it!

Immersion / Training Study Opportunities

I am looking forward to supporting deep study in these two special 6 day offerings this November. Participate in an immersion setting for personal growth and/or towards a Yoga Alliance teaching certificate.

Customize your experience for the ultimate Yoga vacation / retreat!

Nov 3 - 8, 2019 Sunday - Friday

Yoga Sutra 101: 50 Hours

Philosophy & Psychology

Required for 200 hr YA certificate

Students will delve into a comprehensive study and investigation of the Yogik perspective of the potentials of human consciousness and the exploration of Dharma. Each day includes Pranayama, meditation as well as a morning Asana practice session.

Nov 10 - 15, 2019 Sunday - Friday

Teaching / Reading Bodies 101: 50 Hours

Required for 200 hr YA certificate   

Investigation into the art of Yoga and teaching skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own classes and teaching styles. Student practice will deepen as we focus on longer holds in asana, inversions, arm balances, hip openers and back bends in particular. Our prime objective will be to prepare students further for the practical application of what they have learned in offering classes of their own; sequencing, adjustments, reading bodies, teaching skills, and ultimately, how to become a great teacher.


Single week-long course:

Yoga Alliance Teaching credit $1100 + tax

Both weeks $2150

Morning Asana Classes Only

8:30 - 11a Sunday - Friday (single week)

$175 Kaua'i Kama'aina / $35 drop in

$280 Visitors / drop in $50

Theory & Application Classes Only

12 - 4p Sunday - Friday (single week)

$250 Kaua'i Kama'aina / drop in $45

$450 Visitors / drop in $80

Full Immersion Am and Pm (single week)

$350 Kaua'i Kama'aina

$730 Visitors

Discounted Rates:

Discounts of $50 available for each additional teacher training credit course prepaid and completed within a 12 month year.

Sending you and

your loved ones

infinite blessings,

Bhavani Maki

Patanjali Yoga Sutra of the Month

II:17 Vitarka vichāra ānanda asmitā rūpānugamāt samprajñātaḥ

Then there is total understanding. What began as comprehension on a superficial level gradually deepens, and then is total.

The four preliminary phases of samādhi described in this Sūtra, are collectively known as the samprajñāta samādhi. From sam – “to put together with”, pra- “to bring forth”, and jñā – “knowledge”, the samprajñāta samādhi are the initial phases in which the individual fixes their attention on something. In this beginning phase of samādhi, there is a subject-object relationship, in which there is something to be known by someone.

Integral to the art of samādhi, is our ability to develop an objective, integrated awareness, of our subjective experience. As we progress, we penetrate to progressively more subtle layers of understanding and experience, each layer becoming more tenuous, until we are merged into the next layer. Each level is subtler than the previous, so that at a certain point, each layer’s capacity to integrate is maximized, and a natural nuance into the next realm of experience occurs.

As we journey further into samādhi, we discover that similarly, more and more subtle layers of awareness are required. Each stage has a function, and having maximized the perimeter of its envelope, it opens to a whole new stratum. More expansive than the previous phase, it encompasses and exceeds all that was prior, and yet, expresses even higher levels of refinement.

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