Foundations: Asana & Yoga Sutra Philosophy

prerecorded video classes

100 hours credit

200/300/500 hour Yoga Alliance cert. requisite

Learn at your own pace with prerecorded video classes. Gain a strong foundation in the methodology, philosophy, psychology and practical aspects of Yoga. Explore the science of Asana and the art of addressing the individual’s needs through Yoga Chikitsa in which Yoga is a system of self-care. Specific attention to alignment and detail empower the student in developing a personal practice as well as how to offer great classes. Learn how to successfully read individual’s bodies and how to intelligently explore modifications to most benefit the individual. Receive a 1 hour private session with Bhavani

Pay $1155 via Venmo to Bhavani-Maki to receive credit charge discount of $45

Foundations Teacher Training