Online Virtual Workshop 
Untie the Psychosomatic GranthiKnots:
A Journey of Personal Breakthrough

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February 26 - 28

Therapeutic Asana, Pranayama & Yoga Sutra

Friday 8-11am* Brahma Granthi - low back & sacrum
Saturday 8-11am* Vishnu Granthi - shoulders, chest, upper back
Sunday 8-11am* - Rudra Granthi - neck & headaches
*Hawaii Time                     Yoga Alliance CEU's available
Can't make it live? Recordings will be available for 3 weeks after live event.

The Granthi are psychic restrictions to our  instinctive, emotional & intellectual wisdom. 

We experience them somatically as knots of tension in our low back & sacral area, between the shoulders, or neck tension & headaches.


The psychosomatic tensions of the Granthi call us to pay attention & appreciate their pull as a loving call to get clear & listen to our inner wisdom. 


An adventure of breakthrough, we unlock the Granthi's tensions when we ask the right questions to bring core truths to light. ​Join in an exploration of classical & innovative Yoga practices woven with timeless Yoga Sutra wisdom. Discover key insights to personal freedom in a life-affirming exploration of Yoga as embodied awareness ofliving full-blooded inmind, body & heart. 

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Yoga Alliance CEU's available

Virtual Workshop Untie the Psychosomatic Knots of the Granthi