Complete Patanjali Yoga Sutra Collection:

13 Discourses

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit (19 hours)


While the techniques of Yoga are well expounded upon in the West, little guidance has been offered to integrate these practices with our emotions and psychology. Traditionally, the Patañjali Yoga Sūtra is recognized as the definitive guide, offering perennial wisdom in navigating life’s challenges through the cultivation of viveka khyāti, discriminating wisdom. In The Yogī’s Roadmap, Bhāvani Maki offers unique, contemporary insights into the Yoga Sūtra, revealing that deep, personal inquiry is both the means and the experience, of embodying our true spiritual awakening.


Yoga Sutra I: PYS I:1-2
Path of Mystical Embodiment 

The Yoga Sutra open new worlds of insight to move beyond belief systems into the direct experience of spirituality, & the unfolding of one’s unique & authentic Self. This discussion explores the progenitors of Yoga, Patanajli’s incarnation & lineage, the different calibers of student, & Yoga as a path of embodiment.


Yoga Sutra II: PYS I:1-4
Navigating Consciousness

The Sutra provide a map of the potentials of consciousness in how to navigate healthy ego, boundaries, & relationships. As well as providing a system of skillful self-care, Yoga extends to the larger organism of cultural & community evolution. The Sutra explain the step-by-step process of how to live an awakened life, & experience fulfillment through service.


Yoga Sutra III: PYS I:5-9
Right Knowledge, Erroneous Understanding, and Imagination

All thoughts & emotions are a combination of 2 categories of 5 vrrti each. Once able to discern the 5 thought processes, we no longer over-identify with them, & develop the crowning jewel of Viveka Khyati, discriminating wisdom. An exploration of the attributes of correct knowledge, erroneous knowledge, & imagination.


Yoga Sutra IV: PYS I:10
The Navigation of Consciousness into Wakefulness

The process of falling asleep opens a window into navigating the different brainwave states, and accessing deep levels of the unconscious and super-conscious. Yoga is ultimately a process of waking up in which we extract the nectar from that which we have been asleep to, and awaken our dormant potential.


Yoga Sutra V: PYS I:11
Smrti: Remembering Our Oneness

True presence allows us to move beyond thinking into feeling. Yoga practices act to penetrate layers of density & open us into a state of tenderness in which we clear the heart, & cherish the gift of life. A discussion of how we release in the poses to remember that which our hearts have always known, but our minds have simply forgotten.


Yoga Sutra VI: PYS II:3
The Klesha, or 5 Disturbances

Yogik practices serve to peel us back into an open state of expanded awareness in which we realize the true gems of life. A review of Nidra, sleep, an exploration of the seemingly painful states of mind, along with how we discover the original blueprint of well being encoded within.

Yoga Sutra VI: PYS II:3 The Klesha, or 5 Disturbances


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