The Yama & Niyama ~ How to live life in a sacred & noble way

April 21th - June 30th (11 class series)

Wednesdays 10-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...

investment: $220

Yoga answers our soul’s deepest calling to experience love, connection, and freedom. The Yama and Niyama are how we live life in the sacred and noble way. When we are aligned with clarity they are our natural response. When we are out of touch with self, maladaptive tendencies often reveal in subversive ways leaving us feeling fragmented and disempowered.


Patanjali emphasizes the core attitudes as what elevates the execution of practices into Yoga as a sacred path of profound psycho-spiritual discovery.

The Yama and Niyama simplify life so we thrive on what is nourishing and productive.

Learn to chant, translations, and the ancient wisdom connected to modern life. Lecture style with group chanting and time for questions and discussion.

Bhavani delivers the key concepts and teachings of the Yoga Sutra, in these relatable and easy to understand live online classes. Her unique and contemporary insights into the Patañjali Yoga Sutra reveals that deep personal inquiry through Yoga is a path toward your own true spiritual awakening.

The Yama & Niyama ~ How to live life in a sacred & noble way