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The Eight-Fold Path Sutra Wisdom ~ Astanga Yoga Sutra-s 

Feb. 3rd - April 7th

Wednesdays 10-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...


This 10 week series will turn to the Sutra on the Eight-Fold Path of Wisdom to access our root desires that when untouched often reveal as subversive forces in uncomfortable ways. Patanjali offer us to drink from his deep well and reaffirm that where we find our selves is on the path we are meant to be.

When we dive in deeper, we open channels for the beauty at the source of our desires to carry us.


Each week we unpack a Sutra live. You will have access to the live class as well as a video and audio version of the class, a study sheet that includes points of reflection to source your own wisdom and

a soundbite of the Sutra chanted.

The Eight-Fold Path Sutra Series


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