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How Purium brought me back to life

Having a baby 3 weeks before I turned 45 was not only nothing short of miraculous, but as I soon discovered, a Herculean task. I quickly realized why even young mothers appeared to age rapidly, look depleted, and have thinning and greying hair. The sleep deprivation and constant nursing had deteriorated me to the point where I did not have energy for anything other than what was required of me. I found myself turning down invitations to events that I really wanted to attend. I was unable to engage with my son and husband, as I was simply too exhausted. My hair was thinning and rapidly turning grey. Furthermore, I had no energy for my personal Yoga practice, and I was running on fumes.

A student recommended that I sample Purium. I had used super foods since my twenties, and when I tried the products, I instantly knew the quality was very high. The Core 3 program immediately began to shift my energy levels and impact my health in a very profound way. I finally had energy to exercise self-care, and come back into my personal Yoga practice, which brought clarity and inner peace back into my life. The Aminos allowed me to practice on an empty stomach, as Yoga is most effective when one is not digesting foods. It also shifted my metabolism so that I finally lost the extra baby weight, and started to develop more lean muscle. I then would take a combination of the Power Shake along with the LOVE shake, which is aptly named, as I really do love it! It gives me the energy and vitality I need to be able to teach inspired classes, and then proceed with my daily tasks without crashing. Sometimes I even take a second dose of the shake to keep up with my four year old when he comes home from preschool. The Apothecherry helps me to sleep well, as I had developed a pattern of insomnia from co-sleeping and nighttime nursing. My son also asked for the “cherry” before bedtime, and would fall asleep easily. My hair stopped turning grey so rapidly, and I discovered a whole new growth of hair coming back and my hair returning to its full mane! I ran out of my products, and went off them for about 2 weeks, only to discover that I was feeling low and unenthusiastic. As soon as I resumed, I felt back to my usual energetic and vibrant self.

I then sampled the Bee Energetic and Revive-It-All during the arduous schedule of teacher trainings and workshops. I found that I was able to articulate clearly in the afternoons, even after having started my days at 4 am in the morning. The Bee Energetic helped me to keep my nervous system relaxed and nourish my adrenals. My husband and I both did a course of the Bee Energetic, and discovered that what would have once been a contested argument became a relaxed and solution-oriented discussion.

I highly recommend these products to anyone who wants to improve their nutrition and quality of life. I remember reading that as soil is now so depleted due to current commercial agricultural practices, it takes 15 bowls of spinach to equal a single bowl of spinach grown in the 1920’s! As organic farmers deeply committed to ethical non-GMO farming and the development of a conscious and sustainable business model, we feel
very aligned with Purium in offering high quality nutrition that takes care of its consumers, employees and Mother Earth. 

Please contact me at bhavani.yogakauai@gmail if you have further questions

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Boost Your Immune System
Slow Detox

Option 1: 

This path is all about subtraction, by way of addition. You flood your body with nutrient-rich superfoods without being restrictive with your diet. By meeting your nutritional needs

with high-quality foods, you naturally stop craving foods and habits that stem from undernourishment. 

Option 2: 

This path is all about accelerated change. By consciously eliminating foods and habits that are

not serving your best health and flooding your body with nutrient-rich superfoods, a new fully nourished state of normal is established. 


Option 3: 

This path is all about Intermittent Fasting. Incorporate nutrient-rich superfoods while consuming substantially all your calories in a 6-8 hour window.

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