Yoga Sutra Mentorship

Live Online Classroom

If unable to tune in live, videos emailed

10 AM Hawaii Time 

single class $30

4 consecutive classes $80

Entire Sadhana Pada (51 classes) $900

includes three 20 minute personal consultations with Bhavani

You're not too late!  You're right on time and can join anytime. Contact me to register or learn more info:

Heart-to-Heart Tradition
  • Learn to chant the Sutra by heart

  • Expand understanding of Self

  • Access key insights towards personal
    breakthrough experiences


  • Practical application in Yoga practice,    personal psychology and relationships

  • Points of inquiry to explore personal growth

  • Shift belief systems and attitudes

  • Leverage your talents and discover hidden gifts

  • Maximize personal experience and expression

  • Revitalize your personal practice and classes


Invokes a blessing for the commencement of a project as well as a commitment to see it through to its completion. For most practice is a physical discipline that accesses the more obvious (sthula) cellular and intellectual levels. I want to congratulate those of you who are ready to take the Quantum (anu) leap to commit to Sutra study to reveal and access subtle (sukshma) layers of svarupa - your essential Self, spirit and soul. What is so wonderful about the Sutra is that you can chant them anywhere, anytime, anyhow - even when you are multi-tasking.


Now is the time to decide if you will raise the bar of your investment in your personal growth. Will you commit to exploring 1 Sutra per week? Many have piecemeal understanding of the Sutra, when you take on the adventure of learning the whole chapter you appreciate the whole mandala as a portal to open to new worlds and perspectives.



Along with weekly zoom meetings you will have special access to a google drive folder with study materials, the weekly video along with points of self-inquiry which I call Divyadṛṣṭi.You will also receive a soundbite to support you in chanting. I invite you to journal these points of reflection as an opportunity to unfold and discover parts of yourself. As the Sutra become more technical (for example I:2) I will present you with the associated Sanskrit terminology to help you learn key points and concepts in the Yogik technology of consciousness.



The Samadhi Pada contains 51 Sutra which requires 51 weeks to complete. Join a community of like-minded practitioners to discuss and expand perspectives via a thread.



For those of you who are wholehearted in your commitment to see this project through, prepay for the entire course for a discounted rate of $900 for savings of $630. Enrollment in the year-long course includes a 20 minute private meeting with Bhavani every 4 months. Bhavani can also support you by offering verbal quizes on basic terminology and key concepts as well as be an ear to help you with pronunciation and your memorization process. 

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