Sutra Wisdom Series 

Key Insights into Asana & Pranayama 

We have all heard the typical cues, such as “breathe” and “relax” but these directives only take us so far. The Yoga Sutra offer insights that transform the way we practice forever.

The Sūtra combined with āsana, reach into the very inner fiber and workings of one’s being-ness. Weaving the metaphysical teachings with the physical practices, we come into alignment with our truest aspirations. Authentic practice becomes elevated into an integrated experience both on and off the mat.

Approached skillfully, āsana can prepare the psyche and nervous system to process information that previously had been too much for us to handle. In this way, the āsana provide a context to look at the content within our mental, physical and emotional bodies, providing an opportunity for release and personal transformation.  

July 14th - September 15 (10 class series)

Wednesdays 10-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...

Investment: $220

Early bird before June 8: $175

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