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Ep 10 ~ Ways Of Working With The Mind

Season #1

Ways of working with the mind. In this episode, Bhāvani speaks about cultivating true intimacy with oneself and grappling with the practice of yoga. She dialogues about ways of working with the mind, cultivating discernment and embracing the unknown. She describes what she means by “breakthrough experience.” We travel off the beaten path with practical tools for engaging with the whole human complex with tenderness. Sūtra mentioned in this episode: II.1 Tapaḥ svādhyāyeśvarapraṇidhānāni kriyāyogaḥ: purification, self-study in tandem with meta-physical teachings, and letting-go into Creative Source comprise Yoga in action. II.2 Samādhi bhāvanārthaḥ klesha tanū karaṇārthaś ca: through the assiduous cultivation of Kriyā Yoga, the klesha are attenuated and removed, revealing our natural state of samādhi. I.51 Tasyāpi nirodhe sarva nirodhān nirbījaḥ samādhiḥ: when even this effort and desire to control or counter has itself been countered, like all others, then there comes that all-knowing wisdom which flowers without needing to be implanted. II.13 Sati mūle tad vipāko jātyāyur bhogāḥ: the presence of such roots will determine the quality of life, vitality and enjoyment. I:12 Abhyāsa vairāgyābhyām tannirodhaḥ: the way to attenuate distortion and settle into clarity is through practice and non-participation. Show Notes: Bhāvani Maki: Online Yoga Sūtra Mentorship Program & Sūtra Wisdom School: Get your copy of The Yogi’s Roadmap: The Patañjali Yoga Sūtra as a Journey to Self Realization: Shinay Tredeau: Intro and outro music by: Emmaneulle Martin: Emmanuelle on Soundcloud: