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Bhavani Maki is an International Yoga teacher, musician, and author of The Yogi’s Roadmap: the Patanjali Yoga Sutra as a Journey to Self Realization, Bhavani was introduced to Yoga at age 9, began her exploration of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga System in 1987 and started teaching Yoga in 1995. She founded Yoga Hanalei in 1999 and began training teachers in 2003. She is dedicated to mentoring students in their personal adventure of discovery of Yoga as embodiment of  somatic integration of emotional, psychological and heart-centered consciousness.



The Yogi's Roadmap 

Yoga can be described as a journey of compressed evolution towards breakthrough experiences. Bhavani believes that engaging in the full science and art of Yoga uplifts us, deepens connection with authentic self and to the source of joy within. She offers unique insights into opening new pathways to greater freedom and specializes in addressing your specific needs to facilitate the development of a personal practice that is appropriate to your challenges, physical injuries and desire for personal growth and transformation. Bhavani offers online Yoga Sutra mentorship programs,  intensives, and teacher trainings internationally as well as off the beaten path in the Kaua'i Yoga Shala on her family permaculture farm.

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Current Virtual Sutra Wisdom Series 
How Yoga Works: Uncoloring and Witnessing Thoughts

11 class series
live thru Dec 8   Wednesdays 10-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...

investment: $195

Patañjali emphasizes the core insights and attitudes as what elevates the execution of practices into Yoga as a sacred path of profound psycho-spiritual discovery. When we understand the technology of consciousness, we galvanize practice to experience tremendous growth!

Discover how to unfold the possibilities of consciousness, how to utilize our intelligence for breakthrough insights and experience unparalleled freedom and joy in the world without getting hung up.

Next Virtual Sutra Wisdom Series 
The Hero's Path: Attitudes & Inspiration

9 class series
Dec 15 - Feb 9   Wednesdays 10-11a Hawaii time

Can't make it live? Recording access as well...

investment: $190

Patañjali paves the path of transforming a life of confusion into one of profound reward and inspired adventure. Sage advice prompts us to take heart in the journey of coming home to ourself. We are reminded that although we are not obligated to take the adventure of self--realization, life does not permit us to ignore it.

Patanjali encourages us to walk the hero's path and take up the reigns of our destiny as a joyful process of discovery.

Live classes include time for breakout rooms to share followed by a group discussion with our vital community that spans the globe.

Heart-to-Heart Tradition
  • Learn to chant the Sutra 

  • Expand understanding of Self

  • Access key insights towards personal
    breakthrough experiences

  • Practical application in Yoga practice, personal psychology and relationships

  • Points of inquiry to explore personal growth

  • Shift belief systems and attitudes

  • Leverage your talents and discover hidden gifts

  • Maximize personal experience and expression

  • Revitalize your personal practice and classes

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the roots of Yoga

  • Anyone who desires to understand the psychological benefits of Yoga on a deeper level

  • Those interested in what yoga is on a deeper level, and not just the physical postures

  • All levels, from experienced yogis, to those who are curious about Yoga and have never taken a class


Workshops Trainings Immersions

New Year's Retreat 
Sankalpa - Setting intentions

Live In-Person & Virtual
January 1-2 Saturday & Sunday
YA CEU's available 

Current Live Virtual Sūtra Wisdom Series
What is Yoga?
Uncoloring & Witnessing Thoughts

Live thru December 8

YA CEU's available 
Deep Dive into Samadhi Pada Yoga Sutra
also access to recordings
51 weekly classes

live on Zoom  & recordings
YA CEU's available 

Mexico Retreat in Troncones Ixtapa
February 12-19
spaces is limited and filling up fast!