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Yoga is much more than simply putting your body into certain positions.
It is an ancient and ever evolving way of being and understanding life.

Join Bhāvani, author of The Yogi's Roadmap: The Patañjali Yoga Sūtra as a Journey to Self Realization 
to weave a practical modern approach to Yoga's perennial insights into your life.

In this live classroom we explore how Yoga philosophy applies to modern life and its potential
to extract the nectar of being to lead healthier, happier, more harmonious lives.

The Yoga Sūtra are considered to be the map of the yogic experience and journey. Unveiling the deeper underlying nature of our being, these teachings help us proceed with confidence, clarity and efficacy. Bhāvani delivers the key concepts and teachings of the Yoga Sūtra in these relatable and easy to understand live online classes. Her unique and contemporary insights into the Patañjali Yoga Sutra reveals that deep personal inquiry through Yoga is a path toward your unique true spiritual awakening.


Whether you are already an expert or uninitiated...
Anyone who wants to learn more about the roots of Yoga
Anyone who desires to understand the psychological benefits of Yoga on a deeper level
Those interested in what Yoga is on a deeper level, and not just the physical postures
All levels, from experienced yogī, to those who are curious about Yoga and have never taken a class.
Email Bhāvani with questions at: [email protected]
Next Live Virtual Sūtra Wisdom Series:
The Kaivalya Pãda
Live with recording access
Wednesdays 10am Hawaii Time
Tuition $801 | 35 Class Series |  Sūtra IV.1-34

The 4th chapter of the Yoga Sūtra describes the possibilities for someone who has taken up the reigns of their own life with
compassion, clarity, creativity, calm, confidence, and continues to develop intimacy with self and to grow into a person of many layers.
The insights in this Pāda are freeing, light us up and lighten our hearts to be a part of life's beauty making.
This course offers 35 classes over the course of the year, there will be a pause during Mid-May through June.

Access: 365 days

Quarterly Installment Option

Monthly Tuition Option


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Prerecorded Virtual Sūtra Series:
Yama & Niyama ~ How To Live In A Sacred & Noble Way 

Tuition $295  | 16 Class Series |  Sūtra II.30-45

Often misinterpreted as the 10 commandments of Yoga, through deeper investigation of Patañjali’s insights,
we discover that the Yama and Niyama are already our natural impulse.
In this series, we will explore the nuances of living with heart and soul to bring these innate shining qualities to light.
With heightened clarity of mind and heart, these Sūtra affirm 
how to live drama-free to be a part of
life’s beauty-making with the power for expanded healing and an expanded capacity for love.

19 week video access

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Embrace a Heart-to-Heart Tradition

Learn to chant the Sūtra
Expand understanding of Self
Access key insights towards personal breakthrough experiences
Practical application in Yoga practice, personal psychology and relationships
Points of inquiry to explore personal growth
Shift belief systems and attitudes
Leverage your talents and discover hidden gifts
Maximize personal experience and expression
Revitalize your personal practice and classes

"It would be hard to overstate the lifeline that the Yoga Sūtra mentorship has been for me during the past year and a half. What a source of fellowship, enlightenment and what a powerful underpinning for a physical Yoga practice. I’m not really sure how I got by before, without the Sūtra reverberating in me and more-or-less on the tip of my tongue. I find myself saying “There’s a Sūtra for that!”  with the same happy incredulity that people use for “There’s an app for that!”  The bottom line is that the Sūtra are useful and life-giving. I deeply appreciate Bhāvani's opening them up to us with so much heart, humor and insight." - Andrea D. 



Live Virtual Series:

Each week we unpack a Sūtra live,
and you have access to rewatch the videos during the duration of the course.
Choose to sign up for the full year long course, choose a mini series to join or explore her 10 class series "Patañjali's Essential Pearls of Wisdom" designed for teacher trainings.

With each live course you gain access to the a weekly live class, as well as a video and audio recordings, a study sheet with points of reflection to source your own wisdom and a soundbite of the Sūtra chanted.

Access to recordings is valid for 2 weeks after end of live sessions for mini courses.

Live class sessions have time for breakout rooms to share, and time for group discussion with our vital community that spans the globe.

All Courses have Yoga Alliance CEUs available

Explore the options below....  
For the curious....10 Discourse Introductory Series

Patañjali's Essential Pearls of Wisdom

Tuition: $250
19 Sūtra | 10 discourses, study sheets & soundbites | 12 week access

While the techniques of Yoga are well expounded upon in the West, little guidance has been offered to integrate these practices with our emotions and psychology. Traditionally, the Patañjali Yoga Stra is recognized as the definitive guide, offering perennial wisdom in navigating life’s challenges through the cultivation of viveka khyti, discriminating wisdom.
In this 10 part video series of
Bhvani Maki offers unique, contemporary insights into the Yoga Stra, revealing that deep,
personal inquiry is both the means and the experience, of embodying our true spiritual awakening.

Gain practical and perennial wisdom into the science and art of Yoga
and how to extract the nectar of practice and live a life that is both profound, rewarding and meaningful.
Receive downloads of Yoga Sūtra study sheets with insights for self-inquiry along with soundbites for chanting.
Receive 10 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs
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Full Sādhana Pāda Sūtra (Prerecorded Videos)

Sūtra Wisdom Sage Series:
The Sādhana Pāda ~
Revelations For An Integrated Practice

Patañjali Yoga Sūtra II:1-55

Tuition: $995
55 prerecorded classes 
quarterly payment plan available, email [email protected] to inquire

The Sādhana Pāda is the most pragmatic collection of revelations that offers key insights and tools to navigate life, emotions, and utilize yogic practices to experience life to the fullest. Gain understanding into the technology of consciousness,
the science and art of Yoga and how to galvanize your practice for personal and collective healing.
This epic journey inspires you to gain skill and take heart on how to live your best life.

Live classes include time for breakout rooms to share followed by a group discussion with our inspired global community.

(unlimited access for duration from date of registration with additional 8 week access post completion of course)

Includes: A private 20 minute session with Bhāvani
Downloadable soundbites of Sūtra chanted & study sheets
A one time offer of a free book "The Yogi's Roadmap"

63 weeks access 

55 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs

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Access to Videos of Class Recordings

Yoga Sūtra Samādhi Pāda Deep Dive Class Library 

Access to library of class recordings for all 51 classes 
Investment: $900, payment plan available, email to inquiry
Includes a 20 min private with Bhavani, & a free copy of her book The Yogī's Roadmap (1 time offer)

The Samādhi Pāda chapter of tha Yoga Sūtra is the most esteemed guide that clarifies the process of Yoga, the possibilities of consciousness, and how to recognize challenges that we invariably face as opportunities for breakthrough experience. Access recordings of the classes along with downloads of 51 study sheets including points of self-inquiry and soundbites of each of the Sūtra chanted for your continued integration. 

60 week access 
55 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs

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Sūtra Wisdom Series 

Initiation ~ How Yoga Works: 

Sūtra I.1-11 / 11 class series
Investment: $195

Patañjali emphasizes core insights and attitudes that elevate the execution of practices into Yoga as
a sacred path of profound psycho-spiritual discovery. When we understand the technology of consciousness,
we galvanize practice to experience tremendous growth!

Unfold the possibilities of consciousness, how to utilize our intelligence for breakthrough insights and to experience unparalleled freedom and joy in the world without getting hung up.

Receive downloads of Yoga Sūtra study sheets with insights for self-inquiry along with soundbites for chanting.
Receive 11 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs
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Sūtra Wisdom Series 

The Hero's Path: Attitudes & Inspirations 

Sūtra I.12 - 20 / 9 class series
Investment: $190

Patañjali paves the path of transforming a life of confusion into one of profound reward and inspired adventure.
Sage advice prompts us to take heart in the journey of coming home to ourself. We are reminded that although we are not obligated to take the adventure of self--realization, life does not permit us to ignore it. Patañjali's sage insights inspire and encourage you to walk the hero's path and take up the reigns of our destiny as a joyful process of discovery.

Receive downloads of Yoga Sūtra study sheets with insights for self-inquiry along with soundbites for chanting.
Receive 9 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs
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"Bhāvani's teachings of the Yoga Sūtra have profoundly impacted my life and supported me through a time of great transition.  I’ve had the great opportunity to study her advanced teaching with her both in person in Kaua'i, in workshops in Bend and Portland, OR, and continue to work with her weekly in her online mentorship program. Deepening my understanding of the Sūtra has absolutely been a form of therapy for me, as it gives me insight into my habits and patterned behavior and shows me what I can modify and what needs to be released. The healing that has happened with Bhāvani as a guide has been the greatest gift to me!"

Get to know Bhāvani's teaching style with a free video

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Many can’t take time off to advance their learning, deepen and refine their skills.
If you're managing multiple commitments and responsibilities,
the flexibility of online learning offers you options to study when it works for you.



Watch the video lectures and classes as many times as you like during your time of access.


Rewatch the videos and take time to fully understand the content.
Receive downloads of study sheets with points of self-inquiry and soundbites of Sūtra chanted. 

All Courses have Yoga Alliance CEUS available