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Āsana & Prāṇāyāma Breakthrough Insights

Live thru January 10, 2024
Recording Access Available

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The Science of Yoga:
Anatomy, Physiology and Sequencing

January 7 - 21, 2024

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Sādhana Pāda Sage
Wisdom Series

55 Class Series

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Virtual Sūtra Wisdom Series: The 8 Fold Path Of The Mystic


Integrated Practice

Yama & Niyama: How To Live In A Sacred & Noble Way


Profound discovery

Sūtra Wisdom Sage Series: The Sādhana Pāda ~ Revelations For An Integrated Practice

 Wednesdays 10-11AM (HI Time)

Self Empowerment

Online Pre-Recorded Workshops

Unlock the Psychosomatic Knots of the Granthi

Authentic Yogik practices are designed to locate and release blockages in the body, heart and mind. 

Insights to personal freedom

Deep Dive Sūtra Wisdom Series: The Samādhi Pāda

The Samādhi Pāda chapter of the Yoga Sūtra describes Yoga as the reclamation of your wholeness in a world of fracture.

Journey of Self-inquiry

Prāna & Bhanda Practices to Revitalize Your Soul

A celebration of Yogik practices and key insights to revitalize, and harmonize your personal energy field.

Revitalize Your Soul

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