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Ep 11 ~ Welcome To The Householder Lineage

Season #1

Welcome to the “Householder” Lineage Summary: Yoga as Self Care. The necessary discomfort that is inherent when we make efforts to foster our growth and our own creativity. Bhavani emphasizes, “It’s taking time to invest in the things that really matter to us.” We are learning to integrate our humanity into the spiritual experience. This conversation touches on bringing our spiritual practices to the forefront of our lives and using these daily rituals in service for building our capacity for loving. Show Notes: Bhāvani Maki: Online Yoga Sūtra Mentorship Program & Sūtra Wisdom School: Get your copy of The Yogi’s Roadmap: The Patañjali Yoga Sūtra as a Journey to Self Realization: Shinay Tredeau: Intro and outro music by: Emmaneulle Martin: Emmanuelle on Soundcloud: