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Ep 14 ~ Practice as Pūjā

Season #1

Summary: In this episode Bhavani talks about her second book, which is in progress. We talk about love, devotion and surrender on the path of yoga. We talk about functional practice, which is connecting to breath and to life with a sense of purpose. We discuss investing ourselves with conviction and consistency and magic! for an on-going romance with the practices of yoga. And Bhavani gives encouragement for those of us ​grappling with practicing ​at home on their own​. “Love is the action of being willing to learn about others and learn about yourself.” Show Notes: Bhāvani Maki: Online Yoga Sūtra Mentorship Program & Sūtra Wisdom School: Get your copy of The Yogi’s Roadmap: The Patañjali Yoga Sūtra as a Journey to Self Realization: Shinay Tredeau: Intro and outro music by: Emmaneulle Martin: Emmanuelle on Soundcloud: