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Sūtra Wisdom Series: Rite Of Passage & Rescue Portals

Patañjali Yoga Sūtra I:30-39

Investment: $215 
Live May 4th - July 6th / 
Wednesdays 10-11AM (HI Time)
10 live stream classes with recordings

The path of the peaceful warrior is strewn with roadside attractions, detours, hazards, off ramps and critical moments. After all, an epic journey would not be complete without the adventure of high stakes. Edified through practical experience, these trials forge within us the power to rise to any occasion and trust in Self.

Live classes include time for breakout rooms to share followed by a group discussion with our inspired global community.


Kaua'i In- Person Summer Yoga Immersion 

$295 Investment
1st seven students signup discount: $275
Monday - Friday  8am - 11am

Join Bhāvani for a 5 day immersion on Kauai's North Shore and our amazing community of
heart-centered practitioners in a focused and creative exploration of Hatha Yoga,
Vinyasa, chair and rope-wall play, Prānāyāma, Nada Yoga Sūtra wisdom and chanting. 

Venmo to: @Bhavani-Maki (SIlvia Maki)
Paypal: [email protected] as 'friends & family'
check: Bhavani Maki POB 498 Kilauea, HI 96754
contact Bhavani (808) 635-0246
Yoga Alliance CEU's available
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Yoga Teacher Training / Immersion

The Science of Yoga: Anatomy, Physiology and Sequencing

October 9 - 30, 2022, Investment: $1500
 attend online or in-person, applies to 200/300/500 Yoga Alliance Certificate
100 hours credit

applies to a 200/300/500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate

Anatomy along with study of physiological and subtle body systems. Focused and advanced study of reading bodies, use of props and designing sequences and classes that facilitate students for particular objectives. Each day includes Prānāyāma, meditation as well as a morning Āsana practice session.

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Virtual Workshop with Therapeutic Āsana, Prānāyāma, & Yoga Sūtra Inquiry

Unlock the Psychosomatic Knots of the Granthi: A Journey of Personal Breakthrough

pre-recorded classes, Investment: $165
Yoga Alliance CEUs available

Class 1 ~ Brahma Granthi - low back & sacrum

Class 2 ~ Vishnu Granthi - shoulders, chest, upper back

Class 3 ~ Rudra Granthi - neck & headaches

The Granthi are psychic restrictions to our  instinctive, emotional & intellectual wisdom. We experience them somatically as knots of tension in our low back & sacral area, between the shoulders, or neck tension & headaches.The psychosomatic tensions of the Granthi call us to pay attention & appreciate their pull as a loving call to get clear & listen to our inner wisdom. An adventure of breakthrough, we unlock the Granthi's tensions when we ask the right questions to bring core truths to light. ​Join in an exploration of classical & innovative Yoga practices woven with timeless Yoga Sūtra wisdom. Discover key insights to personal freedom in a life-affirming exploration of Yoga as embodied awareness of living full-blooded in mind, body & heart. 

Virtual Workshop on Therapeutic Asana, Pranayama, & Yoga Sutra Inquiry

Prāna & Bhanda Practices to Revitalize Your Soul

 pre-recorded classes, Investment: $195 Yoga Alliance CEUs available

Authentic Yogik practices are designed to locate and release blockages in the body, heart and mind. If we feel restless it is an indication that there is more Prana surrounding us than we embody. The result is that we feel unsteady, stuck, restricted or lack-luster.Join Bhavani in a weekend celebration of Yogik practices and key insights to revitalize, and harmonize your personal energy field. We will explore asana practices, Sūtra wisdom along with prāṇāyāma breath technique


Deep Dive Sūtra Wisdom Series: The Samādhi Pāda

On-going thru October 5th, Investment: $900
Wednesdays 10 AM (HI Time)
51 live stream classes with recording access for 2 months after subscription
Includes private 20 minute session with Bhavani & a copy of  her book The Yogī's Roadmap.
The Sādhana Pāda chapter of the Yoga Sūtra is the most pragmatic and exoteric chapter on Yoga. We will explore the klesha, the laws of karma, Yama and Niyama, along with the Sūtra on Āsana and Prānāyāma. 
Access class recordings, a study sheet with points of self-inquiry and a soundbite to practice chanting.

As this chapter has 51 classes, we will take April 27th and July 13th off.