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Shant-email Winter Solstice News

Dec 26, 2021



As we approach the darkest time of the year, we are called to reflect on all we have, all we have lost, and hope for the promise of the New Year. We are reminded that in the darkest hour is when light reveals.

Yoga has served us all as a path to releasing what obfuscates our wholeness in a world of fracture. Yoga is largely a process of release. When we purify the ahamkara, or I-making sense, we realize that everyone shares the same challenges in some form or another. Patanjali describes Nirvichāra samādhi as likened to standing on a hill and looking at all humanity with deep empathy. Through Yoga, our resolution to stay open and trust in the difficult eventually becomes a spontaneous impulse, in our resolution to hold peace and sacredness on high. We recognize the underlying hand of grace at the source guiding us towards growth, and the gift of feeling our oneness through our shared challenges and vulnerabilities. Friction will always be part of the human experience, inviting us to keep opening our hearts to others, and to till a fertile field for compassion, healing and love. 

श्रुतानुमानप्रज्ञाभ्यामन्यविषया विशेषार्थत्वात्॥४९॥

I:49 Shrutānumāna prajñābhyām anya

viṣayā visheṣārthatvāt

Superior to any knowledge gained

from an external source, is the

wisdom gained from empirical experience. 

Patañjali’s treasure map inspires us to continue on the quest of experiencing our highest dharmik potential. Having seen around the bend, we realize that we cannot rely on an intellectualization of this transcendental adventure, as the nature of mind is dualistic, and confusion is inherent to our thinking process. Eventually, all our vague concepts and understandings become ineffective, as the knowledge they grant us can only be temporary and short-lived. Only through refined intent and empirical experience, can we awaken our inherent wisdom as visheṣārthatvāt, “because it has a special purpose”. The special purpose of this new understanding is unique, as all the knowledge gained from outside sources was limited to general understanding. The empiric knowledge of ṛtambharā prajñā is superior, as it is particular, deals with specifics, and does not rely on inference. In this new quadrant of our consciousness, we have left the realm of dualism, theory, and argumentative reasoning. Here, we are liberated from the need of approval or disapproval, and can voluntarily tap into a self-intuitive voice free from hesitation, or inhibition. 

                                                      Excerpt from my book "The Yogi's Roadmap"


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