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Spring Insights March 2022

Mar 06, 2022

As if life couldn't be more complex, we are faced with another war in our world. In last week's online Sūtra class we explored the different calibers of student. Rather than create hierarchy, this Sūtra prompts us to reevaluate: "What are the gifts I have been given, the good graces that I share? What does success mean for me? What is the legacy I wish to leave behind?"

Patañjali shares that the mark of a great illumined soul is a quiet inner strength that allows us to be soft in hard times. To lean into something bigger that allows for healing and growth. With the current Pluto-Venus-Mars conjunction, we are hard-pressed to extricate ourselves from the web of fear and further fragmentation. Grace and devastation are two rivers that run side-by-side. What is the bigger force you identify with? Get clear not necessarily as to what it is, but the choice it self. We all need an energy source. We do not remember our oneness on our own. Patañjali describes how to get clear of karmik residue, to foster connection and unification with this bigger force, and then how to utilize it.

Patañjali's Sūtra Wisdom


II.47 Prayatna śaithilyānanta samāpatti bhyām


Slacken the tension born of your effort, and fuse yourself with the current of life force. Reconcile yourself with the realization it is an endless process.

Trust, relax, redouble your efforts, and keep going…

Pra means “to bring forth”, yatna means “effort”, and shaithilya means “to slacken”. Whenever we make an effort, it is natural to experience some level of anxiety. Patañjali recommends that we relax, and cut ourselves some slack, by locating the edge of our composure, and then backing off respectfully. If we persist in pushing, we are bound to induce more resistance. Our boundaries will recede once we are no longer aggressive, and practice with patience and care. Correct attitudes allow us to maintain enthusiasm and integrity in our approach, and to relax the tension born of our efforts. 

In samāpatti bhyām, we can relax to such a profound degree, that we tune into the cranial sacral wave, tap into the pulse of life, and feel the wonderful inner dance and rhythm of our own evolution. We experience creation as a state of eternal response that is never static. Within the still point of nirodha, we sense that everything is in a dynamic state of resonant vibration, and that nature is pulsating with vitality. 

                                                                        Excerpt from my book "The Yogī's Roadmap"

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