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If Yoga is the resolution of self-limiting thoughts, feelings & tendencies,
then self-awareness is the key to getting free.

Bhāvani Maki offers Yoga Alliance trainings with a fresh non-dogmatic and practical approach to Hatha Yoga that appreciates Yoga as an evolving science and  the art of living well-being.

Exploring a fusion of Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa / Flow Yoga, trainings cultivate
a well-rounded and holistic approach where the aim is to teach the individual and not just a style.

Our (Yoga Hanalei) teacher training program is in its 20th year, and continues to empower practitioners to awaken personal embodiment as free-thinking skilled teachers who "teach to learn" with integrity and personal authenticity.

We believe that Yoga is the art of transformation and finding peace in mind, body and spirit, and that in this day and age, Yoga is now needed more than ever!

 "There is not a teacher or a lineage I would be more proud to be associated with. Bhāvani's depth of knowledge has created a community of students/teachers who are open to always learning and going  deeper with our study of Yoga. She is simply the best."



Science of Yoga: Anatomy, Physiology and Sequencing

October 9 - 30, 2022, Investment: $1500
5 day Immersion option: $600
100 hours credit, applies to 200/300/500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate

Anatomy along with study of physiological and subtle body systems. Focused and advanced study of reading bodies,
use of props and designing sequences and classes that facilitate students for particular objectives.

Each day includes Prānāyāma, meditation as well as a morning Āsana practice session.
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Foundations: Asana & Yoga Sutra Philosophy

January 8 - 29, 2023
No class on Saturdays
Investment: $1500
6 day Immersion option: $650
  100 hours credit, applies to 200/300/500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate

Gain a strong foundation in the methodology, philosophy, psychology and practical aspects of Yoga
Explore the science of Āsana and art of addressing individual needs through Yoga as a system of self-care
Specific attention to alignment and detail empower you to
develop a personal practice as well as how to offer great classes
Learn how to successfully read individual’s bodies 
 Explore intelligent modifications to most benefit the individual.

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Art of Yoga: Effective and Authentic Teaching

Prerecorded, Investment: $1200 
100 hours credit, applies to 200/300/500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate

A deep dive into the Patañjali Yoga Sūtra and Yoga as the embodiment of psycho-spiritual maturity. Attention to somatic integration of emotions and psychology as the practice of awakening consciousness. Students will deepen skillfulness in the methodology, philosophy, psychology and practical aspects of Yoga via expanded inquiry of alignment principles.
Refine your own unique voice to offer profound transmission to empower students for personal breakthroughs.
Learn adjustments, how to read individual bodies and modifications for the individual’s benefit. 

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Many can’t take time off to advance their learning, deepen and refine their skills. If you're managing multiple commitments and responsibilities, the flexibility of online learning offers you flexibility to study when it works for you.

Watch the video lectures and classes as many times as you like during your time of access.

Rewatch the videos and take time to fully understand the content for integration for 2 months after the training.

"Prepare to be transformed... Truly great teachers are hard to come by – Bhāvani Maki is one of those great teachers. 
Trust her to take you places within yourself and 
your whole Yoga practice you’ve never been before.


Bhāvani's 300 Hour Training is applicable towards 500 Hour Certificate when added to 200 hour certificate
Required courses include all 3 immersions, 100 hours each: Foundations, Science of Yoga, & Art of Yoga​
Advanced Certification Exam for 500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate: $200
Written essays, exams, Sūtra memorization and teaching videos submitted post completion of contact hours.
With successful completion of the exam, you may apply for the Yoga Alliance 300 / 500 hour
Sundays 9 - 12 pm
Mondays - Fridays 7:30 - 12:45 pm

Location: North Shore Of Kaua'i
Online Zoom (recordings can be viewed later if you cannot participate live)
Meals are not included in the tuition.
Students will be responsible for bringing their own lunch, snacks, and water for the day. 
Accommodations are not included in the tuition price.
Email [email protected] for accommodation suggestions
Yoga Hanalei reserves the right to cancel any teacher training if there are fewer than 10 participants registered one week prior to the event start date. Upon cancellation of a training by Yoga Hanalei, all deposits will be returned in full. Our policy for student cancellation provides the student with a 50% refund of their deposit, plus any other completed payments if we are notified of cancellation 30 days prior to the start of the teacher training. Any cancellations made within 30 days prior to the start of training or thereafter will not be eligible for a refund.
3 Yoga Bricks, 2 Yoga Belts, 2 blankets, 1 bolster, 1 folding chair, 2 sticky mats
1 wall, 1 door with handle that swings out of your practice space
Students are responsible to purchase the book: ”Trail Guide to the Body” by Andrew Biel
Standing, Balancing, Seated, Twists, Inversions, Hip Openers, Shoulder Openers,
Backbends, Arm Balances and Restorative Postures

Reading Bodies
Modifications of Āsana
Therapeutic Application of Āsana
Alignment & Adjustments  
Basic Pre-Natal​
Anatomy and Physiology
Functional Movement
Subtle Body Anatomy
Patañjali Yoga Sūtra Philosophy & Psychology
Develop a Personal Teaching Style
How to become a great teacher!

"This experience has changed my life. I discover that what once seemed impossible is possible. Through this training, I have learned the importance of self-love, and how to love myself more each day."


"Profound - courage - privilege... these three words we speak of every day in the training. Never have I had such direct experience with these terms! The teachings penetrated my soul."


"This training is truly an immersion of the mind, body and spirit holding lessons that will last for a lifetime."


Complete the application steps below to register for any 100 or 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

(1) Complete the Inner-View form below

(2) Send a letter of recommendation, preferably from one of your yoga teachers, to [email protected] with subject line "YTT Letter of Recommendation"

(3) Send a $500 nonrefundable deposit (see below for investment methods)

(4) You must pay the full balance a minimum of 14 days prior to the first day of training.

Investments may be submitted via:
Venmo to 'Bhavani-Maki' (Silvia Maki)
Paypal as 'friends & family" to [email protected]
Personal check to: Bhavani Maki POB 498 Kilauea, HI 96754

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